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School appeal help!!!!

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worriedmother7787 Wed 01-Jul-15 21:27:55

So DS is going to a state secondary school for the begining of year 10. He his in a private school 25 miles away (he gets 50% funding from coumcil). Journey is to long he get bullied for being the "poor kid, with a disbled mum!!" School cant do anything more also the person who supplies the other 50% of the fees is retiring. So he is hapy that we are moving hime. To begin with we where going to move him for christmas 9as you have to give a terms notice for fees) but have diced as a family that it is best to movehim for september especially as he is going into year 10 and options will chnage when he goes to new school. So we are a late application but I really want him to go to our 1st choice school ( havent put a 3rd choice) it is out of catment and has the exact capacity for his year group. I want to ask is it worth appealing are these good reasons for appealing ( some would not tick boxes for LA but might make him appealing to school some are silly but i will but down anyway!!)
1. The school has an excellent SEN department, he is servely Dyslexia and dyspraxia, school at know have started statementing process (I know this can take a long time)
2. It is a sports specialist school and he is in England Team for discus and javelin
3. The school has excellent pastrol care and he needs that as I am registered disabled and he is my main carer.
4. School is lardge and he does struggle to make friends he thinks more people he might find "Someone like him" actually cried when he said this and wanted me to get him into this school even more!! (Slight ASD)
5. The only thing the school are getting told of for they are outstanding from ofstead is that only 12% of the kids thereapply for pupil premium and free school meals he applys for both.
6. The school love there music and my boy loves music (and ballet and tap!! ( such a boy :|)) He is doing grade 7 trumpet grade 5 piano and grade 6 tenor saxophone and has already passed grade 5 theory.
7. School is very accsebilble (I would love to come to one of his musical thing or parents evenings)
8.He has friends he knows there.
9. School has a young carer support group.
10. He doset have to do a language as an option (he has not learnt one as school belived he wasnt clever enough all high school in area he would have to join year 10 and start GCSE language!)

So what do you think. Worth ago I am happy to get legal rep. as well. At the moment money is no object (unless its like $$$$$ (wont let me do pound sighn!)) I need to get him in.

Do you think I have a chance which points should I go on most!!

prh47bridge Wed 01-Jul-15 23:37:56

It is actually an in year application rather than a late one as Y10 isn't a normal point of entry. If you haven't been refused a place yet it is too early to appeal.

Taking your points in order:

1. Potentially relevant
2. You need to find out what sports provision they have that is relevant to your son and is not available at the offered school. Simply being a sports specialist school may not mean anything in practise.
3. Potentially relevant
4. Worth mentioning but I doubt it will carry much weight with the panel and may be ignored completely
5. Not relevant at all
6. As with point 2, if they have music provision that isn't available at the offered school it is worth bringing that up
7. I'd mention it although it isn't strictly relevant. It is about your son's needs, not yours. However, a sympathetic panel may take it into account
8. Not relevant
9. If the offered school doesn't have such a group this is relevant
10. You could mention this but don't spend too much time on it. I think many panels would consider it irrelevant

If you want to appeal it is definitely worth a try. The worst that can happen is you are in the same position as you are right now. On the other hand you may win and get a place.

I would, however, save your money. Professional help is rarely worth it in admissions cases. Indeed, I have come across cases where lawyers or even, sadly, alleged admission experts have ruined perfectly winnable cases.

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