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Secondary School Apeal help!!!

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worriedmother7787 Sun 28-Jun-15 20:12:09

Hi all,
I know a lot of you have gone through that "lovely process" of getting you're DD and DS into the Secondary (or primary) school of your choice but my DS 2 is having to leave his private secondary school (he is very fine about!). and go into year 10 of a state secondary school. We only released this very late this term so gave in the school application 2 days ago, i know for a fact my 1st and 2nd (really want 1st)) My local school is absolutely awful to put it in to prospectus it has 450 pupils (Cap. 1500) and 9% of these students will get 5 A*- C GCSE's !!! DS2 has dyslexia, dyspraxia (very bad) and very slight mobility issues. I really want him to go to the school next over ( Out of catchmunt (year group at full capacity now)) Has a outstanding from of stead 79% of these students will get 5 A*- C GCSE's large school with 1800 pupils (including a great sixth form) has an amazing pastoral care team ( this he will benefit from as his is a young carer and has to look after his 3 little sibling and me!! So I want a school that will be supportive!! It has amazing sports facilities ( he is in england development squad for Discus (*Cough, Cough* Proud parent!) So i think this would benefit him. I know we will have to go to appeal and i am pre pared to get legal help. We have supporting letters from GP (numerous letters) School SENCO and Ed. Psycholigist. What are my chances of winning. Any tips for when i have to appeal!!

Please help!


PanelChair Sun 28-Jun-15 20:28:13

Nobody can tell you your chances of winning, because the panel has to weigh your case (you want your son to attend this school) against the LEA/school's (they don't want to admit beyond their admissions number) and we don't know how strong, or not, the LEA's case will be.

That said, I think you have a few things here that any panel will give a lot of weight to. First, that he is a young carer and needs a school with excellent pastoral care. If you can find evidence that the appeal school is best for this - it's won an award (say) or Ofsted drew attention to it - that will be very helpful. (Otherwise, the LEA is likely to argue that all schools offer pastoral support). Second, his sporting achievements. If you can submit evidence of the appeal school's superior facilities and record here - they are county track and field champions, say - that too will help. Does the appeal school have any special expertise or support for dyslexia or dyspraxia, beyond what's standard in secondary schools? If so, that's a third area where you can argue that this is the best school for meeting your son's needs, which is what any successful appeal usually hinges on.

You don't need to go to town on Ofsted ratings, as the poor rating of the neighbourhood school isn't really the issue. You need to identify positive benefits for your son in attending the appeal school, not reasons for not selecting the other school.

Dig out the figures for how many pupils there are in other year groups, or have been in Y10 in recent years. What you're looking for is evidence that they have exceeded their usual limit in recent years and (presumably) the sky hasn't fallen in. That enables you to argue that, despite its inevitable protestations, the school would cope if your son was admitted.

The letters from professionals you have gathered sound very useful, but make sure they're not just generalised statements about his needs but state plainly that in the professionals' opinion, the appeal school is the best one to meet those needs.

worriedmother7787 Sun 28-Jun-15 20:58:19

Thank you, panel chair that help a lot the school is a specialised sports school and has evidence (already diged outed and highlighted passages!!) to support pastoral care and they also specialise in SEN Support in GSCE especially. But you're advice is amazing thank you!! I can't see why every school cant be basically the same and the child just goes to the local, none of this this school is amazing so we are going to do nothing for it and let it crumble! Cause the school I'm looking at for him (the appeal in question (and one of the best school's in county) is incredible then 3.2 miles down the road is one of the worst schools in the county!! Oh... It all is just so complicated!!

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