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Please help !! holland park & a private school, which one?

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futurebright Sun 28-Jun-15 15:41:29

Hi everyone ,I am a new poster here, I would like some opinion of parents got kids at Holland park as my daughter Just got offered at holland park from the waiting list, she is informed that she is in band A , I dont really know how different in term of teaching or anything.Problem is she got a place at a private school by mean tested award but the school quite far ,not local I dont know if we should take the local school and cancel the scholarship ? It hard decision to make for us really because she is good at math not arts , thank you

jeanne16 Sun 28-Jun-15 17:46:24

Would you tell us what the private school is?

Mandzi34 Sun 28-Jun-15 20:17:25

Holland Park is a brilliant school! I know a lot of children who are really thriving there. They invest a lot in their band A children so I'm sure your daughter would do very well. It's difficult to compare the schools though as I don't know which private school you are referring to.

Do you mind me asking how far away from Holland Park you are? The catchment for first round offers to band A candidates was 0.4 miles. I'm curious as to how far away waiting list candidates are.

futurebright Mon 29-Jun-15 08:08:23

hi Jeanne16 , she got offered the place at Bancroft school in woodford green , co - independent day time school , we accepted the place and she been to induction day and feel familiar , then she just been offered at holland park which is local school but we just missed the meeting day as it passed that day before we got it, so we have no oppotounity to see the event and its no induction day for the pupil to see till the first day of the term it means in september.

futurebright Mon 29-Jun-15 08:20:30

Hi Mandzi34, thank you for your opinion , Are your children already at the school or waiting list at moment? my one been on it from March and got the place just last week as its been withdrawn from some pupils , We live about 0.6 miles away but did not get it in the first place, but my daughter concern about school not strong at science and math as these are her favourite things and she very good at math ,she doing arts ok but not that good.

her preferable is the private one as they very strong academics in science and math but as a parent , I worry about the trvelling for her and i prefer loval school ,but we used to live that area over there before so she quite familier with it .thats why I need some opinions from parents

CecilyP Mon 29-Jun-15 15:18:06

How long would it take her to get to Woodford Green? It sounds like a fair old trek form Kensington/Hammersmith. Has she tried the journey at the times she would normally be travelling? Is she used to travelling across London on her own? Unless you are planning moving back to that area, it doesn't seem like the wisest option.

Pestolavista Mon 29-Jun-15 17:21:39

Kids from Holland Park have gone on to Oxbridge to do maths and science related degrees so assuming she has the ability, she should be fine.

I had a child at HP until recently and while there are aspects I dislike, a bright, sociable child should normally do well. Kids do sit maths A level early if they have the ability, so she won't be bored. Quite a few of the kids staying for 6th among DDs friends are doing science and want to be doctors. Certainly not a brilliant school but good enough!

My elder child commuted a long way to a super selective and I really regret it now. A colleagues daughter went to Bancroft and loved it but they were quite local in Redbridge.

MN164 Mon 29-Jun-15 17:37:04

I think the real issue here is that you both haven't seen enough of Holland Park school. You should ask to see the school during a school day, ask to be put in touch with the PA and also ask to speak to the head of Maths and Science.

Whilst Bancroft is great it would be a great shame to miss something right on your doorstep through lack of information and experience.

futurebright Mon 29-Jun-15 19:27:22

MN164 ...yes you are right ,we just went to Holland Park one time on the open day last year and lots of parents there so we just quick looked , If I can book a tour and talk to the math and science teacher ,it would be a great chance and we can then make a decision

some parents I heard they complain about turnover of math teachers and other teachers at the school ,I dont really know it is true?

yes we dont want to missed the door step one if it good and suit my child

futurebright Mon 29-Jun-15 19:33:34

CecilyP.... we have not try the journal yet? will do after school break up but we actually near the central line so lets see,normally we use underground across london so she familier with it but it still my concern.thank you

Mandzi34 Mon 29-Jun-15 20:47:50


no my children are not at Holland Park (years 3 and 5 currently) but I know many that are and they really like it and are doing well.

futurebright Tue 30-Jun-15 08:16:47

Mandzi34....Are your older one going to apply this October? which school you planing to apply? your first choice is Holland Park or other academic church schools ? How far you live from the school?

If you dont mind I asking. thank you

neuroticnicky Tue 30-Jun-15 11:30:58

Futureright I know many kids at HP and they all seem to be enjoying it.As there are no local grammar schools some of the kids are pretty bright and therefore your DD may find the competition stiffer than expected. (Indeed I know a few HP kids who got into the top local private schools and turned down the places). All the parents I know of children in Band A seem pretty happy with the teaching and the facilities and location are fabulous.Although the school itself is very strict (which I understand puts some people off) I would therefore think HP is a pretty good option as your DD can walk there and all her friends will live nearby.After all she can -finances permitting- always have private maths/science tuition if you are not happy with the teaching.

neuroticnicky Tue 30-Jun-15 11:44:09

I should have added that I am considering HP for my own DD so have done quite a lot of research/ comparisons between it and private schools. My feeling is that HP is a good option for girls although I would reconsider if my DD got into SPGS (which is well above most of the other private girls /coed schools academically).

fiercebadrabbit Tue 30-Jun-15 13:48:26

I would take the local school, you don't want your dd travelling across London late at night to see friends as she gets older. HP is a good school, I'd be happy with it.

futurebright Tue 30-Jun-15 19:29:28

neuroticnicky....thank you for all comment , Are your DD going to Y7 next year? is she at a local private school?

I just wonder why most pupils at HP not stay at 6th forms there ? Do you know where their most go?

How strick the school ( you mention that put parents off ) ? Please give me more detail

BlossomTang Tue 30-Jun-15 19:47:35

Three things I know about HP are:
Was very popular with left wing state school supporters ie Tony Benn which probably built it up to be successful
More recently linked with half a dozen six formers being radicalised
Cameron's daughter went for the open day and guess what - goes to the same school as Gove's and Clegg's daughters

I would say the PM knows the smart moves here so it does make Bancroft a possibility but the distance could rule it out - OP, does it feel like you are turning down a monetary offer if you choose HP? I would try to resist that if it is the case.

Mandzi34 Tue 30-Jun-15 20:03:44

Yes, would consider Holland Park first choice as DS lives with his dad in that neck of the woods, although more like a mile from the school, so the chances are slim. We aren't religious so that rules the faith schools out. Will also look at the private schools but would really prefer HP.

jeanne16 Tue 30-Jun-15 20:13:20

Firstly Nick Clegg has no daughters. He has sons and the older one is at the London Oratory where Tony Blair's sons went. Secondly Cameron and Gove both looked at Holand Park for their daughters but chose Blue Coat School.

Pestolavista Tue 30-Jun-15 20:15:41

Blossom, you are about 40 years out of date. The school was reborn by the council getting a grip and hiring Mr Hall (love or loathe him) to turn it around. Took him 10 years. The new building was financed by the sale of part of the site.

The Goves came to see it twice - went to DD's class. Cameron had a private tour as well. I think they both would have been too far to get a place, unless using the art aprtitude route. Both families seemed impressed.

As for the trash about the radicalised youth. North Ken has a large north African/arabic community and many went to HP before they changed the catchment arrangements, sadly some young people are vulnerable. All had left several years ago - DD has never heard a whiff of radicalism.

BlossomTang Tue 30-Jun-15 22:37:53

"As for the trash about the radicalised youth" - if it actually happened then it's not trash...

Pestolavista Tue 30-Jun-15 23:21:37

Yes. A rehash of a Daily Mail article publisher earlier this year. The students involved left the school several years ago. Given the demographics of the intake at that time, hardly surprising sadly. Many more naice middle class kids now. Its a secular school, not a hotbed of radical Islam. My DD was there for 5 years and can judge it better than the DM.

BlossomTang Tue 30-Jun-15 23:36:12

Why mention the Daily Mail? The link was for the Sunday Times which, if you have to trust at least some news source, is reputable along with the guardian, bbc etc (political bias from all accepted).

The change in catchment is interesting to know about, just hope it has not been to the detriment of other neighbouring schools but that is not the OP's problem on this thread.

Pestolavista Wed 01-Jul-15 05:52:19

The articles were almost identical - the DM one was several months earlier. I don't know if was the same journo or if it was lifted. Lazy journalism anyway.

The school used to prioritise kids in RBKC primary schools. Last year they decided to cut the link with the community of North Kensington from which most of the kids were drawn and which had supported them over the years and select on proximity.

The school has changed dramatically over the 5 years DD was there. A much greater proportion of rich white kids for a start. I know several families who opted for independents for their older children but have chosen HP for the younger ones. It is extremely fashionable right now.

Pestolavista Wed 01-Jul-15 06:12:11

Holland Park is a good school. I sent my elder daughter on a long commute to Tiffin Girls and really regret it. I think she would have done as well at Holland Park. My younger DD has really nice friends she met at the school and enjoyed her time there. I think Bancroft is not doable even if you are right next to the Central Line.

On the whole the teaching is more than adequate to ensure top grades for the bright. Including maths and science.

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