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Catchment / house purchase dilemma

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MrsMoneypenny78 Sat 27-Jun-15 13:01:27

First time poster here, please be gentle! I was going to post this in the local pages but there isn't much traffic there...

We're in Harrogate looking at purchasing a house in Burn Bridge but aren't sure if we'd get our daughter into Harrogate Grammar School due to their small catchment area.

We currently live adjacent to the Grammar school but the house isn't big enough so we're considering moving further out of town to get a garden etc but this would mean giving up a pretty much guaranteed place at the school.

Does anyone have any advice if you've lived in Pannal / Burn Bridge and applied for secondary school places from there?

Any advice gratefully received!


Choccybaby Sun 28-Jun-15 22:28:54

From memory the town admissions distance is usually about 1.4 miles, but varies from year to year. In 2014 it was less than a mile, not sure why, so you're not guaranteed a place at HGS from burn bridge I don't think.

You should be pretty much guaranteed a place at Rossett though, which is also a pretty good school.

The council website states the maximum distance for town and country admissions for each year after appeals somewhere, but it takes a while to find it.

jackiepars Fri 27-May-16 06:45:52

Did you ever get information on Burn Bridge and HGS? We are looking at that area too but unsure if it counts as rural harrogate?

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