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Students GCSE coursework books

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Eastyone Wed 24-Jun-15 19:32:53

Just a quick question about how schools deal with course
work books as my daughter was told she couldn't have her school books to bring home in a few subjects. She is in year 10
The reasons given are 1) She may lose them 2) They are only needed during the revision period. Does this happen in other schools?
The problem for my daughter is she has some learning difficulties and would like to go through some of the work now. It's not about controlled assessments or anything as I've checked that
Thanks for listening

FuzzyWizard Wed 24-Jun-15 19:59:39

I've heard of this before in schools where there are a lots of losing and forgetting of books. It makes sure that their books have all their work rather than bits floating around on scraps of paper. It also ensures they don't get into year 11 and then realise they've lost a year's worth of work. I don't do this at my school but I would if lost books started to become an issue. Better than the alternative.

starfish4 Thu 25-Jun-15 10:09:47

My DD is allowed a certain amount of free photocopying a term. Would you DD's school allow her to take workbooks from a lesson sometimes, as long as she returns them at the end of next break when she's taken copies of certain things? It will certainly be worth asking. if the school say no, ask them if they've got any suggestions.

Eastyone Thu 25-Jun-15 13:34:23

Thank you Starfish4 - that's a good starting point - i think if she could bring them home for one evening we could get all the information we needed and send them back the next day
She's lost about 20% of lessons this year from being ill and the school are just useless at providing any information - website has nothing. I am in the process of asking for lesson plans but they are not at all helpful

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