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Top State Secondary Schools in Devon?

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parisjubilee Wed 24-Jun-15 12:14:06

Can anyone advise on the best secondary schools in Devon please? We're moving from London and need a good secondary (STATE ONLY) and good primary nearby as well.

Nameeman Wed 24-Jun-15 12:15:18

Devon is huge! What part are you moving to?

muminhants1 Wed 24-Jun-15 13:21:08

If you are moving to the Torquay area, you have the boys and girls' grammar schools, and also Churston Grammar School

Colyton grammar school is excellent in East Devon.

But it depends where you are looking.

parisjubilee Thu 25-Jun-15 09:41:53

We're not tied to moving to a specific part of Devon.
Just trying to find out which is better regarded out of Churston Ferrers, Kingsbridge, Kings School and Colyton? Or if there are any other good ones I've missed (we don't want Plymouth and have 2 boys)?

JustRichmal Thu 25-Jun-15 10:19:32

Colyton do GCSEs a year early and do 3 years for A levels. There is also Torquay boys. You could look at the last few years of league tables, but I think it is best to go and look round. What suits one family may not suit another.

mary21 Thu 25-Jun-15 18:07:58

Don't forget Colyton, Churton and Torquay boys are all Grammar's so your boys would need to pass to get in. Colyton is very competative. Its worth going over to the 11 plus forum. Ivy bridge and South Dartmoor are supposed to be OK as Comps. Tavi no so good. Dartmouth used to be dreadful but is now an academy . Don't know if its improved

Narvinectralonum Fri 26-Jun-15 09:13:23

What ages are your boys?

LilyTucker Fri 26-Jun-15 16:30:58

Churston and Torquay boys are both really lovely schools.

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