Heathfield School..would it suit my DD?

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SpikeStoker Wed 24-Jun-15 09:09:38

I'm looking for an all girls boarding school for DD. I want full boarding with fixed exeats as we won't live near enough to pick up every weekend. DD is sporty, hockey, netball, athletics, loves gymnastics. She also loves performing, singing, drama... At the moment she is also an enthusiastic cub scout. Loves getting muddy, climbing trees, and generally being a tomboy. She also loves getting dressed up and fashion, being girlie. We need a school that can offer her all this and more; did I mention horse riding? She's above average academically, but not a genius. I have held back from Heathfield because of it's size, but if anyone can give me some inside info I'd be grateful.

SpikeStoker Thu 25-Jun-15 07:51:07


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