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Applying for secondary school in-year. PLEASE HELP!!!!

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worriedmother7787 Sun 21-Jun-15 12:43:33

So DS4 and 5 are in a private secondary school at the moment. But due to redundecy in the family we have found out that we need to move them for september to a state school. As well as money problems they both want to move because of bulinging. The DH is registered disabled and they get serverly picked on for this (School try to tell them of just makes it worss) DS5 (14) has had his books riped up, pushed in mud lunch thrown down a lake. All sorts poor thing. So they are both looking forard to a fresh start. The local school is crap they have SEN (both of them). So we are looking to apply to the next school over (Out of catchment) Which has an amazing SEN department but is just oversupscribed. We are know in the late application round so the application wont be prossed till the 14th JUly. Meaning we wont have a appeal date for a while. BUT... It says "Apllications will be seen without delay if parents can explai imeadiate reasons for transfer." Which means the application will be processed within 3 days. Are these reasons for immeadiate transfer? And also any tips for the appeal when we have to appeal?


prh47bridge Sun 21-Jun-15 14:08:59

It sounds like neither of your sons is after a place in Y7. That means these are in year applications, not late applications. The LA should process them immediately, not wait until 14th July. That is only for applications for Y7 (and even there it is questionable as to whether or not it complies with the Admissions Code). If they are refusing to process your application you should complain and tell them you will refer the matter to the Local Government Ombudsman if necessary.

If the SEN is sufficiently serious you may be able to get your sons assessed for an EHC plan. If that happens you can nominate the school you want named on the plan. The LA can only refuse on very limited grounds. If you have an EHC plan naming a school they have to admit the child even if they are already full.

Assuming you need to appeal you will have to show that your sons will be prejudiced (i.e. disadvantaged) through not attending this school. Emphasise the way the SEN department can meet their needs and contrast that with the allocated school.

SavoyCabbage Sun 21-Jun-15 14:16:54

I was doing an in year application for September, also for a child going into year seven a couple of weeks ago.

One LEA said that they couldn't tell me where the spaces were and I had to choose my three schools and go from,there. She said the whole process would take two weeks at the very most and that they were open all through the year.

The other told me where there were spaces (with the disclaimer that things could change at any moment) and then I would apply that minute if I wanted through the LEA.

prh47bridge Sun 21-Jun-15 16:37:07

One LEA said that they couldn't tell me where the spaces were and I had to choose my three schools and go from there

That is unacceptable. The Admissions Code is clear that LAs must provide information about places available at all schools in its area on request (paragraph 2.21). They need to have systems in place to ensure they can do this.

SavoyCabbage Sun 21-Jun-15 22:23:43

Thank you Prh, that is really, really useful. It would make it much less stressful for us to know where the places are. We could look at the schools for a start. I am actually quite furious.

They have been really cagey throughout. There is no phone contact for example. The other LEA have been so helpful.

This is what they said in the email
" We would need something with your name and address on e.g. child benefit statement, working tax credit, payslip. We are unable to advise you where there are places I would advise that you complete your application with the schools you are interested in stating your preferred school 1st. You will then be notified of the outcome in writing."

I was worried that I wouldn't be able to provide evidence of where I lived as we have to wait for our stuff to arrive on a boat before we can move back into our house and we won't be getting child benefit or anything like that. I wanted to get the dc into schools before getting a job so I won't have any payslips.

Thanks again I really appreciate it and I am sorry for hijacking your thread Worried.

mummytime Sun 21-Jun-15 23:02:03

Most LAs take council tax registration as proof of residence - you should be paying that now? You could also camp with some stuff in the house. Getting gas, and electric in your name, bank statements sent there etc. would all be signs of residence.

SavoyCabbage Mon 22-Jun-15 05:50:23

Yes, the other LEA said about the council tax. I was planning on staying at my parents whilst we pulled ourselves together a bit.

mummytime Mon 22-Jun-15 06:49:24

If you are staying at your parents then use that address to apply. You have a right to apply for schools anywhere in the country (england), if they have a place and no one else wants it they are obliged to offer it to you - of course you are then obliged to get your child to that school, and have to take up the place within a couple of weeks. You need to apply via the LA where you are living.

prh47bridge Mon 22-Jun-15 07:05:14

You need to apply via the LA where you are living

Not necessarily true for in year applications. LAs don't have to co-ordinate in year admissions any more but must publicise the arrangements. You therefore need to check the website of both your home LA and the LA where the school is located.

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