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What counts as imediate transfer?

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worriedmother7787 Sun 21-Jun-15 12:09:13

So DS4 and 5 are in a private secondary school at the moment. But due to redundecy in the family we have found out that we need to move them for september to a state school. As well as money problems they both want to move because of bulinging. The DH is registered disabled and they get serverly picked on for this (School try to tell them of just makes it worss) DS5 (14) has had his books riped up, pushed in mud lunch thrown down a lake. All sorts poor thing. So they are both looking forard to a fresh start. The local school is crap they have SEN (both of them). So we are looking to apply to the next school over (Out of catchment) Which has an amazing SEN department but is just oversupscribed. We are know in the late application round so the application wont be prossed till the 14th JUly. Meaning we wont have a appeal date for a while. BUT... It says "Apllications will be seen without delay if parents can explai imeadiate reasons for transfer." Which means the application will be processed within 3 days. Are these reasons for immeadiate transfer? And also any tips for the appeal when we have to appeal?


Millymollymama Sun 21-Jun-15 13:19:49

Immediate means you are applying for an in year transfer and not waiting until Seotember, as I understand it. This usually applies to people who have moved into an area and have no school at all. If your preferred school has no places available in your requested year groups I think it would be difficult to say you need immediate transfer as your children do have a school place, at the moment. However you could argue that they need a place due to your inability to pay and their needs. Their SEN will need to be supported by evidence and this should be submitted. I would contact the school to see if they can be admitted now. However I personally think this is a long shot and if they are full, the appeal will have to go ahead in the normal way, but do argue your case because you are without a school for September but they don't have to give you the preferred one if your catchment one has places and, technically, can meet the needs of your children. Your chosen school can go over their PAN to admit children so I would find out if they regularly do this. If they do, argue this point plus the no school situation and the need to find a pastorally strong school.

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