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Elgin Academy/Elgin High/Lossie High

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Dunmovin Sat 20-Jun-15 10:02:25

Can anybody please give me feedback on these schools. We will be moving to the area and I have no idea about any of them. I can't find a 'schools league table' for Scotland and anyway I'd much rather have personal feedback than relying on a table.

Iainsmum Sun 21-Jun-15 20:44:31

I can't find a 'schools league table' for Scotland

This is because Scotland is a different country and we have our own education system. What you need to look at are the HMIE reports: HMIE

All three schools are good. Elgin Academy is a new build, the other two will be rebuilt in the future. The school your children will attend will depend on the catchment area of where you choose to live.

The other thing worth knowing about Scottish education is that ALL teachers are educated to degree level, plus their post-grad teaching qualification. All state school teachers are registered with their professional body, the GTCS. This means that your child will be taught at secondary by subject specialist teachers.

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