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No space on school bus

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MadMum2015 Thu 18-Jun-15 01:41:13

Apologies firstly for NC on this. I have been on a number of threads under my normal name which mention my DS' new school so I don't want to be identifiable.

Basically I am getting myself into a huge stress about DS's transport to school from September. (I don't make a habit of posting at 1.30am so this is really getting to me). He is going to a private school about 8 miles away and which has a bus from our village. That bus is really the reason we thought it would be feasible for him to go to school (we both work longish hours and a long way from the school) but its now clear that it is unlikely there will be space for DS on the bus next year. There is a waiting list, which he is number 7 on, but the bursar has explained there is unlikely to be much movement now until next year, ie when DS goes into Yr8!

DS can get to school via public transport (train and bus) but it is not great and will involve a lot of walking (not a problem in the light) but as the school day finishes at 4.00pm he will need to do a lot of the journey in the dark from Oct-Feb.

This is where I need advice from you all to decide whether I am being unnecessarily stressy because my friends seem to have different views and the whole private school thing is new to us.

Should I be making a fuss at the school? DS is will be 11 for most of next year, my PFB panic-head feels its mad that an 11 year old has to face this journey when there will be 6th formers on the bus who only have the space because they've been at the school longer. (I am aware I am probably being unreasonable here). The school has a strict no mobile phone policy too so he would over my dead body be doing this journey without a phone.

The other thing that worries me is that because of the school busses, you don't see boys from the school on local public transport so DS will be in the classic private school kid situation, standing out. There'll be no safety in numbers.

Has anyone else faced anything similar? Should I be worried about an 11 year old doing a 1hr 15 minute commute with 35 mins walking, most of it in the dark in Winter.

Yes, I am stressed sad

redcaryellowcar Thu 18-Jun-15 05:33:50

I'm not sure how it works but I don't think you are unreasonable in reminding the school that you choose the school because of the bus, if there are seven people waiting they could probably justify running another mini bus?

Re the mobile phone, the school I used to work in had a policy where you could have a phone for your journey to and from school and you could hand it into reception for safe keeping throughout the day, I would be asking for similar in your situation. in practice most children kept their phones to hand

SavoyCabbage Thu 18-Jun-15 05:37:27

Surely they need to put another bus on the route if there are at least seven on the waiting list. Or buy a bigger bus. How much does the bus cost?

I would phone some coach companies for quotes!

MythicalKings Thu 18-Jun-15 05:51:54

I also suggest getting together with the other parents and getting a quote for a mini bus.

Not at all fair to suggest existing pupils give up their places.

Rosa Thu 18-Jun-15 05:58:10

I was the private school kid on the public bus and most days i stood up until the bus emptied at their school. There were free seats but I was blocked from sitting there. I would wish for a double decker then I could sit downstairs with the grannys and hide in a corner. I knew most if the kids anyway from guides, village activities but they were little shits most of them.

jeanne16 Thu 18-Jun-15 06:41:20

It is reasonable to ask the school to lay on a mini bus for the extra pupils.

boxofholes Thu 18-Jun-15 07:23:21

we were in a similar position - we contacted a private company & organised an extra bus for the route - that was in a state school though (we & the other parents are OOC so have to pay). I think at a private school it would be acceptable to expect them to do the organising!

Ladymuck Thu 18-Jun-15 07:39:21

Have you had an induction meeting with any of the pastoral staff yet eg deputy head for pastoral or head of year? I would raise it with them. Depends on exactly how the school arranges things, but an extra 7 pupils on a route would result in our school using a coach company for the route rather than a school minibus.

That said, where we live then is the option of public transport or school minibus. We've opted for public transport as it is cheaper and runs more frequently in the morning (allows an extra 20 minutes in bed). So whilst a large number of pupils do use the school bus service, there are plenty of pupils coming by train, and your son is unlikely to stand out unless he is at a school with an 18th century uniform.

beachyhead Thu 18-Jun-15 07:49:16

I think the school should be laying on a bigger bus or additional mini bus. We are in the same position re access to school and I would have said that it was only feasible to go to that school if there was a space on the bus.... I would contact the Bursar again, saying this has to be resolved. I'm assuming some of the Sixth form will be leaving so some spaces should free up naturally?

MadMum2015 Thu 18-Jun-15 09:49:17

Thank you all for your quick replies and for not flaming me for my PFB panic.

The bus is already a coach but I will call the school today to see if there are any other options. You've certainly reassured me that I'm not being unreasonable to ask for their help in sorting this smile

MadMum2015 Thu 18-Jun-15 09:52:55

OMG - three threads - how embarrassing!

Nothing was loading overnight and all my attempts to post are here now.

So sorry blush

BabyGanoush Sat 20-Jun-15 11:58:48

I would ask/demand a place on tge bus or else not stick with the school.

I would look into other school options I think! For a private school to be so uncooperative, I'd think: fuck it, they clearly don't want my money...

Trapper Sat 20-Jun-15 12:05:37

I did a 10 minute walk, bus, tube, bus to school for the whole of
Secondary school. The service was regular though, not sure what the transport links are like round your way.

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