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Question about new GCSE grades

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OccamsLadyshave Tue 16-Jun-15 11:38:47

DD is now in Y8 so will be (I think) in the first year group to do all her GCSEs under the number system.

She was wondering how the numbers will compare to the old NC levels. Her school still use these now and will do so for her year up to GCSE when (I assume) they will switch to GCSE numbers.

So for example, would a L6 in Y8 mean that (assuming all curriculum was covered between now and Y11 and she didn't drop her level at all) that she's likely to get a pass in that subject?

Are they in any way linked?

I'm assuming not, because otherwise every Y6 kid with a L5 in their SATs would be at the equivalent of a GCSE pass!

catslife Tue 16-Jun-15 12:44:43

Under the current system dcs with a level 4 at the end of KS2 are considered as average and expected to get grade C at GCSE. Level 5 children would be expected to obtain higher grades.
It isn't an exact correlation under the current system though and varies for different subjects. You may need a higher level in Maths than some others for example.
NC levels have been officially abolished and probably will relate even less well to future GCSE grades. but roughly level 7 is equivalent to a GCSE grade C now.
Once your child starts GCSE work they will be given a target for their final result so if above average now (which level 6 is for most subjects) then she should obtain good passes at GCSE.

catslife Tue 16-Jun-15 12:52:03

Just to clarify that for current GCSEs grades below C i.e. D to G are still officially a Pass.

noblegiraffe Tue 16-Jun-15 15:03:18

A new grade 5 is set to be a high C/low B in old money, and will be the new 'pass' grade.

The proportion of students currently getting a C or above will be the same as those who get a 4 or above in the new system. So more students than currently will not achieve a pass grade.

A level 6 in Y8 should 'pass' the new GCSEs.

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