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missing a bit of school in dec and Jan year 10

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beccajasmine Fri 12-Jun-15 17:17:04

Hi my daughter will be in year 10 this Sept and Id love to take her to Thailand in Dec, which will probably mean missing a couple of weeks of school either a week before the Xmas break or/and a bit at the new year term starting beginning of Jan.
Shes a very bright girl but Ive no idea the implications this will have on her GCSE'S coursework or perhaps this may be able to be caught up.
Does anyone have any advice or knows from experience what goes on around those times of year for year 10's.
I really feel this would do her good, shes had a difficult time and this iss the best time to visit Asia before Monsoons, hot period ect.
Becca x

noblegiraffe Fri 12-Jun-15 18:16:08

There may be mocks at that time, and she may miss controlled assessments.

Best to take holidays in holiday time only in the important GCSE years.

Whichseason Fri 12-Jun-15 18:22:32

The only way you will know what happens in her school is to ask them. Two weeks is 3% of GCSE teaching time. That might not sounds like much 10% results is a grade drop and you don't know if she will need any time off for illness.

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