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Haslemere - Royal School - intake at 11

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tinytina1975 Sat 06-Jun-15 14:57:34

Hi all. Is anyone familiar with this school, and where their intake of children at 11 come from? I gather they are non-selective, but am worried about DD attending after going to a local state primary school.


mummytime Sat 06-Jun-15 21:30:52

She should be fine! The children who come from preps tend to be either less academic or need a more nurturing environment. I really wouldn't worry.

BlueStringPudding Sun 07-Jun-15 09:06:14

Both my DD's went to The Royal from a local state school at age 11 and if was fine. They had a good mix of pupils from both sectors and is a lovely school.

Whilst not selective it does cater for the academic as well as the less academic, and I would highly recommend it..

parent11and14 Sun 27-Sep-15 09:26:51

Good school, new headmistress. My child settled in well with this year 6 but senior boys school now re-located to site where girls were by themselves. No consultation with parents and not what I signed up for. possibly junior school site did not want senior boys to stay on their site. There seem to be several teachers with eastern european qualifications hired recently and some do not speak English to the desired standard.

Thesurreyone Sun 03-Jan-16 13:48:13

The school is really good and has a lovely vibrant nurturing community and all new children from what I gather with my three children settle in well and the teachers are very supportive towards the children and will give help with anything any child is unsure on so i would go for it!

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