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What school bag is considered cool in Y7?

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ImNotReallyHere Tue 19-May-15 14:11:54

DS starts year 7 in Sept. He's not one of the cool kids at primary and I still remember my parents buying my brother a 'square' briefcase when he started secondary. Everyone laughed at him but he never told my parents.

I've seen the kids tend to favour rucksacks round here. What are the so called cool brands at the moment?

TheGirlFromIpanema Tue 19-May-15 14:14:22

Vans rucksacks are good and tick all style boxes etc.

About £30 but my two have used them all this year and by the looks of things will keep them into next year. They're well made, roomy and strong so I am actually happier than with cheaper 'cool' bags that fell to bits before long smile

ImNotReallyHere Tue 19-May-15 14:53:15

Thanks. Oddly enough that's what I have been looking at this pm as seem to recall DSs friend asking for Vans trainers for his birthday.

Aigle Tue 19-May-15 14:58:39

Why not ask DS...they usually have a good idea by that age.

measles64 Tue 19-May-15 15:01:24

For year 7 and 8 he wanted Paul Frank monkey bags, they were quite robust, this year he wanted another make, which I was restitching within a week. I am going to have a look at these Van ones. He does have the converse trainers.

TheGirlFromIpanema Tue 19-May-15 15:08:22

My ds must be rough as he demolished a Paul Frank bag within a few weeks months grin and what about those other ones that were rwcord bag style? Can't remember the name now but re-stitching from about day 3 of new term hmm

Vans have had a resurgance at just the right time for this house!

foofooyeah Tue 19-May-15 15:10:02

SuperDry seems an option at my sons school

notinminutenow Tue 19-May-15 15:55:40

SuperDry here too! DS has to have a plain black bag, no visible logo at all. We painted out the white logo with a black permanent marker.

Bag is good as new and will be used next year too. Large enough to accommodate PE kit, water bottle as well as books, but not so big that it looks like he is carrying his world around.

Will be

WankerDeAsalWipe Tue 19-May-15 17:12:37

Think it depends on the school - some at ours have the Sports brands (Adidas/Nike) others Animal, Superdry, The North Face, Vans, Converse, Timberland.

mine have Fox Racing ones which have been good.

Davros Tue 19-May-15 18:27:06

DD has got her eye on a Kipling bag (expensive) but I will now look at Vans

TheWildOnes Tue 19-May-15 18:33:15

DD has got a plain black rucksack which she has started to cover with band badges and transfers.

Naynay2408 Tue 19-May-15 20:14:02

My daughter would like Michael Kors bag for year 7, she's having a laugh but secretly I might be swayed to buying it

Naynay2408 Tue 19-May-15 20:14:38

Ask your son, he might have some ideas

ImNotReallyHere Tue 19-May-15 21:38:39

thanks all. I 've asked him but he's not at all style/ brand conscience. He just wants a new bag. I think this is probably about me being anxious he fits in. Anyhow Superdry seem above my £30 max so will look at Vans as when I, he'd at least heard of the name. He did also say Nike but think as it's only brand he knows of.

ImNotReallyHere Tue 19-May-15 21:40:06

Conscious even!

WankerDeAsalWipe Tue 19-May-15 21:45:16

Have a look at Tk Maxx, they often have some decent ones.

I'd say as far as brands are concerned, you arte better with no brand than the wrong brand - it may be worth him taking something plain and unbranded until he sees whats in or just take a drive past at kicking out time at the high school and suss out what shoes/bags the kids have.

I know it shouldn't matter, but I had a child who was bullied at primary so I just wanted him to fit in and blend in so that's what we did. Turns out I needn't have bothered as no-one at his school seems to care and the kids are happy enough not to be sheep. In the main though the boys seem to stick with black, dark grey or blue (their uniform is blue) though I did see a lad with a luminous orange one the other day.

WankerDeAsalWipe Tue 19-May-15 21:50:15

this is one one of my sons had:

the other had on in the same style but in black and grey.

this one looks pretty good:

TheUnwillingNarcheska Tue 19-May-15 21:50:18

My son has a very bright unbranded BagBase rucksack, I can spot him a mile off as only 1 other child has this colour of bag. Also it is about a tenner.

What I will say is, this bag won't be on a coat peg all day like primary school. It will be on the floor under desks, on a playground floor, school canteen floor too, so I wouldn't be too precious about it.

Loafline Tue 19-May-15 22:07:42

A black handbag with gold buckles worn on the forearm.....not on my watch!

Marmitelover55 Tue 19-May-15 22:08:15

My dd has an Animal one and a Superdry one - both seem to fit thd bill.

youngestisapyscho Tue 19-May-15 22:10:18

Superdry or Hype at my DDs school....

EduCated Tue 19-May-15 22:11:39

A sensible piece of advice I've heard on hear before is to take a very cheap, plain bag for the first week or two to give time to suss out what he wants/what others have got. Saves paying lots for one only to realise it's not the right one!

Fashions can vary so much by area, and even school. What's in at one will be old hat at another.

I so wish this stuff didn't matter, but when you're 11, it does.

AuditAngel Tue 19-May-15 22:12:24

DS has to have to school back pack and school PE holdall next year.

TheFairyCaravan Tue 19-May-15 22:18:45

I'd buy Herschel. They are more expensive than £30 but they last. I bought DS1 one in Yr10, he's 20 and in the army now and he's still using it. DS2's that I bought in Yr10 will be going to uni with him in September.

Blu Thu 21-May-15 20:15:08

Check the school uniform sheet: only black unbranded / unlogo-ed bags allowed at DCs school.

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