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Wallington Girls vs Nonsuch High

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SouthLondonMama Mon 18-May-15 17:46:41

My DD has secured a place at Wallington Girls for this September but is also very high up on the waiting list for a place at Nonsuch High. She is a very keen musician and also loves sport. I just wanted to get a feel for which school would suit her better should we be in the fortunate position to be offered a place at Nonsuch. We are out of catchment for both schools but the journey to either is doable.
Any thoughts and comments on either school most welcome!
Thank you.

BeaufortBelle Mon 18-May-15 21:00:40

You went to the open days presumably. What did you think? What feel did you get for both schools. We went to the Nonsuch 6th form open evening and thought it was so unwelcoming we left. Staff at the doors, arms folded chatting to each other; herded into queues and shouted at about which one was the right one. What we saw was so ugly we had a quick wander round the hall and left before the speeches started.

OK - it was one evening and perhaps not a representation but it made us walk out and not contemplate applying. First impressions and all that. Someone I work with sent her daughter there who has now just finished uni and she said the school had had a rough ride in recent years with respect to the leadership team.

IdespairIreallydo Tue 19-May-15 09:03:07

FWIW my Mum had to make this decision for me waaay back in 1974 !!. She thought then that Nonsuch was the second choice and luckily I got a place for WGS. Fantastic times, wonderful school, although it was a long time ago now - sorry. Agree with PP, first impressions count.

LittleIda Tue 19-May-15 12:10:52

I had to make the same choice in 1982! I chose WG. Fond memories.

dingit Tue 19-May-15 12:57:21

Is your dds place for sixth form Southlondon? My dd has a place too, and we didn't go to the open day. She is going to the induction day in July, so hopefully will get a feel for it then such as you can just in one day.

SouthLondonMama Tue 19-May-15 13:37:32

Thank you for all your comments - sadly we didn't make it to either open evening as, at the time, we had different plans for her. dingit she would be going into year 7 - what type of school has your dd been at to date and have you got any other options for her?
I really want her to enjoy secondary school and to thrive socially as well as academically. Comments so far on this thread seem to favour Wallington. Is the sport and music at both schools very strong? She would definitely want to participate fully in extra-curricular activities.

dingit Tue 19-May-15 14:01:04

She went to an academy. To get in the sixth form she needs As in all subjects she is studying at A level. Our fall back position is the local sixth form college.
I have friends who's daughters have attended since year 7 and all are going on to sixth form.

legallady Tue 19-May-15 14:10:23

Hi Southlondonmama,

I'll hopefully give you some positives about Nonsuch based on current information (one DD just left and one still there.)

Music is exceptionally strong. There is are two full orchestras (grade 5 and above for one and under grade 5 for the other) plus various jazz groups, string quartets, choirs etc.

As for sport, can I be a little contraversial? In terms of competitive team sports, I would say that Nonsuch is stronger than Wallington. That's certainly the case for netball and I don't think Wallington play in the Surreys for hockey (Nonsuch and Tiffin tend to be the only state schools playing hockey.) Nonsuch are also very strong (for a state school) at gymnastics. Girls also get the opportunity to ball girl at Queens (after trialling) in conjunction with St Phils.

I have an extremely sporty DD and she has been more than happy with the offering at the school to date (and that is why we chose Nonsuch over some other schools.)

The school has had a tough time with issues with the headship over the last 2 years but don't let that put you off as the whole leadership team appears to be very strong.

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