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Northease Manor and LVS Hassocks

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thornrose Sun 17-May-15 20:56:01

Does anyone have first hand experience of either of these schools. I have heard slightly disturbing views on Northease Manor!

I would love to hear from anyone that has direct experience.

Justfortherecord1 Tue 30-Jun-15 02:58:12

give northease a wide berth until further notice if ypu value your sanity and childrens education

ToffeeWhirl Thu 02-Jul-15 10:25:19

My DS started at Northease this term, after being unable to cope in mainstream. The staff have been unfailingly kind and understanding to him and he finds the lessons really interesting. There may be issues rumbling under the surface, but I only see positives: friendly staff, happy pupils.

I read the previous thread about the Ofsted issue and was very wary before naming it on the statement, but there really isn't a more suitable school for my son in this area.

We chose Northease over LVS Hassocks because Northease offers a selection of GCSEs, whereas LVS only offers Maths and English.

Justfortherecord1 Thu 02-Jul-15 11:26:08

The big issue is there is not another like it in area
I am sure for the first few months he will excell i wonder how long it will take before you like other parents put up and shut up?!

See how long if he needs spl or ot it is before he recieves it then the quality of what he gets.
The school diary will lose itself in the bottom of his bag with no checking it the turn over staff and teaching by volunteer students on work experience will soon show in hour child s academic progress.

Will be very interesting if you need to contact the board of governors or head who views parents as vicious to be kept out of all goings on at the school

You can always go through the gate keepers by email they decide if your comment or concern is viable or to bin.

Looks good on paper have jumped hurdles to provide basics see how long before another parent rebellion occurs they will not encourage parent contact as they are fearful of the true picture being gained.

If your child is off you will not recieve work home even if doing gcse s they take the money and you are left to help your child as best you can withput their support but they will take the credit for the work u have done

No not a good place at all despite smiling staff most leave asap

ToffeeWhirl Thu 02-Jul-15 13:57:38

I have spoken to other parents whose children have been there for several years and they sang the school's praises. The parents at a school like Northease have fought the system to get their child there, so they are bound to be vocal and continue fighting if they don't feel their child is getting the help they need, but I haven't heard anything negative so far. I agree that it's early days for us, but I hope you're wrong, Justfor, because this school is my son's big chance and it has been a long journey to get him there.

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