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Double or triple science with other options?

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starfish4 Thu 14-May-15 10:44:16

DD (Year 9) has always said she wanted to do double science as she wasn't confident in her abilities (middle-bottom in top set in a comprehensive school) and wanted to concentrate on getting higher grades in other subjects.

In her end of year assessment she gained level 7 the highest level obtainable (they had to abort some of the internal assessment for everyone) and they've offered her triple science - top 25% are offered it. Now she knows she's capable, this has thrown her a little and she's not sure whether to it or not.

GCSE options are French (she scraped an A* on a recent controlled assessment so this is one she could do well in if she has the time), Geography, Music, Art Textiles and Ethics, with a fall back option of history. She is very likely to get French, Geography and Music. if she doesn't get art textiles she will argue her case for another art or DT subject. She's also do Eng Lang, Eng Lit and Maths (she has struggled in maths this year and her level is still 6.75, so she may need to work at this).

DD likes the thought of doing something music or design wise for a job. As a person she likes the thought of preserving old buildings and environmental issues, so whether these would take her anywhere I don't know.

Any thoughts on whether she should do triple or double science. We know there's a lot of work involved in art subjects, are any of her other choices likely to be the same?

CampingClaire Thu 14-May-15 12:48:05

Hah…sounds like she's same sort of ability as my DD and we're at exactly the same stage. Everyone at our school gets to choose double or triple, not just the brightest. In fact, some of the mega brains are doing double so they can fit in an extra subject! Also, the triple science's get a period of philosophy per week and she'll enjoy the querying in this class…she's very much a 'thinker'!!
She's opted for triple science, double language (where her talent is), DT and Geography. Physics is her weaker science and I was worried that it may be a D/fail and may then bring her overall mark down. For instance, 2 B's and a D may then become a C?! Also, separating them meant she can possibly ditch Physics if it becomes way too draining on her confidence nearer the time.
We're avoiding Art like the plague! Think unless you 'love' it and have a talent the work load would be a milestone around the neck.

catslife Thu 14-May-15 13:33:57

We were in this position last year and dd opted for Double Science as this freed up an option so she could do both DT and ICT.
KS3 levels don't correlate very well with GCSE grades imo as the assessments are very different. dd is now doing better in French at GCSE than Science despite levels being higher for Science at the end of Y9.
There is a lot on here about Art subjects being a lot of work but actually that's just as true for Triple Science, especially if your dd would be taking it in the same amount of teaching time as Double Scientists (where you need to spend a lot of time doing extra work at home as it's taught very fast). Unless your dd is completely sure now that she would like to take Science subjects at A level then I would recommend Double. A child can still take A levels later if they change their mind, but 2 Science GCSEs at grade A are probably better than 3 separate Sciences at grade B iyswim.
I don't think the previous poster is correct. For Triple Science pupils have to take GCSEs in all 3 subjects: Chemistry, Physics and Biology. I don't think they can "drop" a subject later on. What tends to happen is that some pupils may be demoted to Double science (often at the end of Y10) if necessary. The grade boundaries for Physics GCSE do tend to be slightly lower than other sciences which compensates for the fact that Physics is a harder subject.

yellowdaisies Thu 14-May-15 14:51:23

Does she get an extra option by not doing the triple? If not, then there's not that much to lose. My DS is doing the triple and hasn't found it too hard - though science is very much his thing. Doing the triple will mean your DD continues towards the bottom of a high performing set, wherease doing the double may mean she's in a set of lower ability pupils - which suits some kids, but doesn't suit others.

At my DS's school I think there's an option if they start the triple and are struggling to drop back to the double during the first couple of terms.

If she's thinking she might do any of the sciences at A level she should do the triple, otherwise there's no real need.

mumsneedwine Thu 14-May-15 17:00:08

Just to be aware that Double is still all three sciences. It just means a 'double' award so 2 gcse grades averaged over the 3 sciences. So B1,C1 & P1 make one grade, and the 2s make the other. Triple gives awards in each science and are not determinate on each other. Does that make sense ?!?

starfish4 Fri 15-May-15 10:24:19

Thanks for your replies!

She won't get an extra option if she chooses double science. They get the same amount of lessons for triple and double science. Some schools might be able to accommodate dropping one of the science subjects, but I don't think my DD's school would, so she has to make the right decision now.

If she chooses triple science, she will be doing 11 GCSEs including art, music, French, geography, possibly Ethics which I suspect need their fair amount of time. On top of this she's hoping to achieve Grade 8 violin in Sixth Form, so that's another added pressure. She may be sitting French in Year 10 which would give her more time for other subjects later on vut that uncertain.

The only way she'd be interested in studying science in Sixth Form was if it could be totally environmental science!

escondida Fri 15-May-15 17:09:08

She's not keen on science, better to do things she's keen on.

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