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Please help need links on gcse study leave

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colettemum3 Thu 07-May-15 17:36:05

My 17 year old daughter goes to a special school. They started her gcse's a year late, no reason given.
She's been having a lot of problems with her science teacher and basically he has not taught her at all. She now spends her time outside the classroom teaching herself.
She mentioned it to her class teacher today. To only be told that in secondary school's GCSE students are now on study leave etc.

I NEED a link so that i can print off and send my daughter in to school tomorrow stating otherwise.

As i know that her 16 year old sister is not on study leave and is still attending lessons at her mainstream school. Her teacher has told her that's it's now illegal to do study leave.

I am just fed up with the school feeding my daughter lies.

Thank you.

titchy Thu 07-May-15 18:20:07

There are no national requirements regarding study leave. It is entirely up to individual schools whether to let students go on study leave.

SilasGreenback Thu 07-May-15 18:25:45

GCSE students at the school ds attend went on study leave from last Friday. AS/A2 from today I think.

goinggetstough Thu 07-May-15 18:29:21

Our GCSE students go on study leave after half term.

yellowdaisies Thu 07-May-15 18:29:37

DSS's school started this week, but my DS's school start next week. It's up to the school when to start but most do so just before the first exams just so they're not having lessons all disrupted by exams.

The school ought to be communicating with you about whatever they do. I would check your emails and the website, and contact them if they've really not said anything.

Georgethesecond Thu 07-May-15 18:30:58

My son is on study leave and has already sat two GCSE exams this week.

LIZS Thu 07-May-15 18:37:30

Gcse students at dc school finished yesterday, Ds is on study leave for AS from tomorrow for a month.

shinysparklythings Thu 07-May-15 18:43:36

Our school doesn't do study leave. Students come in until the last exam.

TeenAndTween Thu 07-May-15 20:26:34

My DD's comp doesn't go on study leave until after half term

Sidge Thu 07-May-15 21:04:24

My DDs school doesn't have study leave.

She starts her GCSEs on Monday and is in school as normal right up until tomorrow. From Monday she only has to go in for her exams.

bebumba Thu 07-May-15 21:08:08

Ds starts study leave at half term but is still expected to attend lessons that he still has to do the exams for after half term.

ChillySundays Thu 07-May-15 21:08:16

My DC old school didn't start study leave until half term and even them there was a timetable for revision sessions and it was compulsory to attend

bebumba Thu 07-May-15 21:08:44

Did that make any sense?!?

BackforGood Fri 08-May-15 00:39:35

It varies from school to school.
dd's last day at school is tomorrow (oh, hang on, it's past midnight - it's today grin)

That, however, seems to be a very minor worry next to the other things you've put in your OP ?? confused

FireCanal Fri 08-May-15 00:47:10

DSS's school are not giving them any study leave. His brother got it 2 yrs ago so there has been a change in policy in that school. They are doing revision lessons with them in school. In general I think it's better to keep them focussed in school, although in your DD's specific case I can see it might be more of an issue.

PurpleDaisies Fri 08-May-15 01:01:48

That sounds rotten op...the school sounds terribly disorganised. As others have said it is very much up to the school what they do about study leave and it might suit your daughter better to be revising at home.

I'm a private science tutor. Which exam board is your daughter doing and are you sorted for past papers etc? I might be able to point you in some useful directions if not.

mummytime Sat 09-May-15 08:01:01

My DD Is on study leave from last Thursday (half-term would be late as she finishes her exams just over a week after).
However she has revision sessions on most days, including some Saturday's and part of half-term.

cricketballs Sat 09-May-15 08:15:52

A few years ago, some LA gave notice to schools that study leave would be registered as UA. The school I worked at at the time saw this before yr11 were due to go, so we're ably to put in plans so they didn't go cue some fed up students and staff, a school locally had already let there's go, so had to recall them back in!

The teacher who said it was illegal maybe be thinking of this from a few years ago, although I think it was LAs who made this decision rather than nationally

tethersend Sat 09-May-15 08:20:34

I'm not sure the study leave is the issue- you need to meet with the head if your DD is being excluded from lessons.

Is this the only provision she can access? Is there a suitable college course available?

Clavinova Sat 09-May-15 09:21:13

There is Gov. advice on study leave under, 'Advice on school attendance' published in Sep/Oct 2014 but I cannot link to the pdf.
Basically schools can decide whether or not to grant study and they can refuse to grant it. The guidance refers to Year 11 but states the following, 'Study leave should be used sparingly and only granted to Year 11 pupils during public examinations. Provision should still be made available for those pupils who want to continue to come into school to revise.' Under FAQ it states, Are pupils entitled to study leave? No. Study leave should not be granted by default once tuition of the exam syllabus is complete......' 'Once tuition of the exam syllabus is complete' seems to be a key phrase you could use.

Charis1 Sat 09-May-15 09:35:31

study leave ( and GCSEs) are well underway at our schools. If your daughter's school does not do study leave, then it would be illegal for her to take any.

tethersend Sat 09-May-15 09:39:40

Even if there were rules, they would apply to students in Y11 who should be receiving 25 hours a week of education. Students in Y12 are not required to be taught full time.

The issue is that your DD is taking a GCSE which she is not receiving any teaching for. Has she been entered for the exam?

What reason does the teacher give for not teaching her?

What is written on her statement/what type of needs does she have?

What kind of special school is it?

camptownraces Sat 09-May-15 11:07:56

- OP says the girl is out of year (or the whole year group is out of year?) anyway, she is 17, so no longer of compulsory school age.

We do need more details about what is happening - is the girl sitting in the corridor/another room with no teaching/learning input, not even a text book, or a worksheet?

Parent arguing that study leave is "illegal" won't really sort out what is going on here.

tethersend Sat 09-May-15 11:26:11

That's my point, camptown- any rules about Y11 will not necessarily apply to the OP's DD as she is in Y12 or Y13.

Agree that arguing about the legality of study leave is likely to be unproductive.

colettemum3 Sun 10-May-15 18:43:01

Sorry that i haven't gotten back earlier.
School caters for ASD,speech and deaf/HOH.

DD 17 is studying 21st century science A by OCR.
Her science class is a mixture of students taking entry level's and just my daughter and two lads taking GCSE. One of those lads is in year 13 and doing higher GCSE.

This teacher started at school in Jan of 2014 and he swopped all the students from the GCSE course to an entry level course stating that he had tested them and found gaps in their learning.

He has since then not opened up a GCSE book at all. In October last year he decided to give them all a GCSE paper with no warning. My daughter and the higher level student were the only one's that scored 38/60. The next highest was 16.

I put a complaint in last year and got the feeling that he didn't care about GCSE and if my daughter managed to pass it then it would be seen as a 'bonus'. And a load of other tosh via the phone.

Similar stuff via an email. This teacher is so up his own backside, he must of been a politician in his former life.

I bought my daughter a few science text books including the one that she was originally working from before he took over.

And when it is science lessons, my daughter is 'self studying' making mind maps from her books.

Occasionally he gives her past papers and i will get back to that later on.

Both my husband and I had a meeting with him, the head teacher and the exam officer before easter break.
And i got a bit angry, i pulled out a copy of the entry book that he use in class and i pulled out my daughter's gcse book and i asked him if he has used any gcse books with the class at all.

He had to go and sprout on about his years of working with OCR and that the 'entry' level is the bases of what GCSE is built on blah blah blah.
So i cut him short, and said that to get a qualification at grade C, she is going to need to learn the stuff out of this book and pointed at the gcse.

I asked him if hes done any GCSE with them and he goes and mention the 'case study' and i told him that he can't help them with that as they have to do it by themselves and then he mentions that he gave her a gcse past paper.

He then goes and says that after half term, the three students will be working with a LSA called Luke. Which of course didn't happen as that day we had the meeting was 'Lukes' last day.

Oh i asked the head why my daughter gcse's were postpone a year and she couldn't answer it. She even looked at the other two and asked them to respond and of course they couldn't as they both weren't employed at the school at that time.

My daughter is fuming and she is frustrated beyond belief. I have now informed Ofsted as they were in last week. The school is on special measures.

Oh the past papers he has been given out are 141/142/143

He gave my daughter another 141 to do this weekend saying to her that, that's the paper she will be doing next Tuesday.

Which i thought was weird as i had an email saying that the paper she would be sitting was 161 and the other two were 171 and 181.

So i looked at OCR website to only find out that the 141 set which are mixed papers were discontinued after the summer of 2013.

Thankfully touch wood my daughter first paper is biology and she is pretty good at that. And i have emailed her math's teacher (who was also the teacher that was doing science before IT took over.) And he said that he would help.

Oh one of those mixed papers that she did, she scored 70% and he had the nerve to ask how come she did so well in that?

I'm pulling her out of that school anyway, and she's got a conditional offer of a place at mainstream college to do sport.

Got her draft ECHP through yesterday and i'm going through that and that's another thing. Her annual review was on the 24th of FEB. It took until the 5th of May for me to get the followup papers from the school. The LEA got an email version in late April when they should of recieved them by the 10th of March.

My daughter's special needs are PDD-NOS, speech and lang and tourettes.
She's also taking maths foundation GCSE paper and has got 88% in the last two mocks. Her math teacher is fantastic and is able to teach entry, gcse etc.

Doing ICT and that teacher is lazy when it comes to doing paperwork in regards to special access support for exams.

Art and this teacher adores my daughter, to the point that she transported my daughter sculpture to the Mall galleries twice.

English, well it's the science teacher and yes i have also had issues with English as he has been concentrating on cambridge progression and not GCSE.

Oh by the way he's also the head of pathways 3, So senior management.

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