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Controlled assessments GCSE

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Eastyone Tue 05-May-15 12:57:32

Hi Everyone

My daughter is in year 10 and has been on / off SEN register since year 7. When she was removed and I asked for an explanation I was just given the end of year 'map' which said all problems had been resolved which was rubbish. She now has problems hearing and can only wear a hearing aid in her 'good' ear
This school year there have been more problems the most important of which relates to the controlled assessments. Firstly she went on a geography assessment without us knowing (we hadn't seen any consent forms and the school assumed all was well as she told us it was a non uniform day!) . This meant she hadn't prepared, had no lunch, clipboard or camera - I think after I phoned the school as my daughter sent me a text they put some help in place but I didn't hear anything further.

Next came parents evening where everything seems very vague. When we saw the physics teacher and I asked why she hadn't had any homework, the teacher said it was because the were doing a 12 week controlled assessment I assumed this meant everything was done in school but I now fear this isn't the case.
She wasn't aware she was doing a controlled assessment, the school have provided no information for parents and my daughter isn't aware of any being handed out. This is OCR Gateway physics and Googling it seems she should have been given more information. Is there anything I can do as I think for 'part 1' she have been doing research and been able to produce a bibliography she did none of this and did nothing at home.
Thanks for any advice on the upside we have received the 'synopsis' for Biology and are now on the case!

TheFirstOfHerName Tue 05-May-15 15:27:26

That must be very frustrating. DS1 has had three controlled assessments; for each one, we have received a parentmail from the school notifying us of the date of the assessment, the percentage of marks it counts for and what is being assessed.

I would suggest emailing the SENCo or her Head of Year to ask what is being put into place to ensure that she understands what is happening.

Eastyone Wed 06-May-15 15:16:36

Thank you for replying I will email the SENCo and ask for full details to be supplied for all subjects.
I was wondering if I have grounds to appeal as the school didn't provide any information. I think I can ask to be told the 'category?' of the mark for the assessment and it might not be too late to make some amends
Should the school have a controlled assessment appeal policy? (I very much doubt it but I can only try)

Charis1 Wed 06-May-15 21:02:07

The controlled assessment is done and taken in in controlled conditions. She wouldn't have brought it home. The only thing she can do at home is research the topic, but she can also do that under controlled conditions.

Eastyone Thu 07-May-15 11:52:11

"The controlled assessment is done and taken in in controlled conditions. She wouldn't have brought it home. The only thing she can do at home is research the topic, but she can also do that under controlled conditions."

Yes I know this but my daughter hasn't done any research background reading or even knew she was doing a controlled assessment. I think the school should have produced or perhaps given details in a lesson the details of the controlled assessment. She doesn't write well nothing and was written in her diary. Also with the hearing problems she gets tired and struggles to concentrate.
She now has this information for the next one

Clavinova Thu 07-May-15 14:40:54

All centres are required to create and publish a Controlled Assessment Policy re procedure/staff responsibilities etc. and also a Controlled Assessment Internal Appeals policy - you should ask to see these two documents as your starting point - the school office should be able to email them to you if they're not on the school website.

Each centre will have its own policies in force although many seem to use the templates provided by the Joint Council for Qualifications. I'm not qualified to say whether you have grounds for appeal but you can only appeal 'against the process that led to the assessment.'

One school for example states in its policy that Heads of Department must ensure that, 'students are given clear details of all controlled assessments and these are recorded in exercise books/folders detailing the dates, duration, percentage of the GCSE, interim/final deadlines and assessment criteria.' Your school may not publish such a detailed policy however. I would certainly ask for a meeting with the HOY/Academic Head.

Eastyone Mon 11-May-15 19:48:20

Thank you Clavinova that is an excellent starting point

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