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Bath sixth form-any views on KES, PPC and Kingswood please?

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Crumble7 Sun 03-May-15 17:12:09

Sorry about a bit of duplication as I asked this question on the Bath Mumsnet site as well, but may get a few replies from a wider audience! Has anyone got an up to date view on these three Bath schools for 6th form? We are thinking of moving DS in Year 12, and are looking for a academically strong school which is also good for sport and drama. Son is bright, sporty and into acting, but we are really trying to also find somewhere that is not too cut and thrust and where the children get on and do not view each other as competitors. He will have to train over from Bristol so Im not sure if Kingswood does a shuttle from the station like the other 2 schools so that may rule it out before we even start looking at them. Prior Park looks lovely in the prospectus as they really stress the desire to create kind people. I know KES is meant to be the best academically, but do they produce nice pupils as well? Any ideas would be really helpful !!!

LineRunner Sun 03-May-15 17:15:33

You've just posted this thread five times. If you report the other four to MNHQ, they'll delete them so you just have one main thread running.

Unexpected Sun 03-May-15 17:27:30

LOL at a "bit of duplication" grin

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