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Quick question about Casio calculators

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Treasures Sun 03-May-15 01:02:06

I need to buy a Casio FX-85 online for DD's exams. Can anyone tell me if it has rubber buttons or hard plastic buttons please? Random question, I know!

The reason is that her current calculator is a no-name cheapie and has hard plastic buttons; the problem is, when she does long calculations, she often gets the wrong answer because the buttons have a tendency to not press down fully.

startwig1982 Sun 03-May-15 01:07:55

Most modern calculators, especially Casio, won't have this issue. Most are hard.

Treasures Sun 03-May-15 01:30:25

Thanks. I guess I'll just order it and see then. Hopefully you're right smile!

partialderivative Mon 04-May-15 10:59:03

It is the only scientific calculator worth looking at.

But why are you looking to buy online? Plenty of shops will have them in store. I saw an ad for one in Tesco £10, which ain't bad.

(Sorry, I am giving unasked for advice)

notinminutenow Mon 04-May-15 18:45:13

DS has FX-85. Buttons are plastic but quite shallow, if you see what I mean. He has never had the problem you describe.
Got ours quite cheaply from Smiths.

Chasingsquirrels Mon 04-May-15 20:05:38

I got the non solar one (the 83?) For £4 or £5 is Asda a couple of weeks ago as DS1 lost his.

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