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So....sitting on the (selective) waiting list for Graveney. When does it move?

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LittleFluffyMoo Tue 28-Apr-15 14:04:44

There's been absolutely no movement for 4 weeks. Please tell me that there will be more movement! I know the start of secondary school is still 4 months away, but I can just imagine 4 months of not budging, especially with only 63 selective places at a very popular school.

Other kids know where they're going and can relax into it, but we seem to be stuck in a no man's land between two schools at the moment.

Has anyone been in a similar position? How did it turn out for you?

gazzalw Tue 28-Apr-15 14:34:59

I guess it would depend where your DC is on the waiting list.....

My impression, based on a friend's DD who got a place at Graveney Extension from waiting list (but without being aware that she was near the top - they'd not bothered checking position after Offers Day), is that after the initial 'flurry' places come up erratical.

Have you spoken to the school's Admissions Officer (she used to be at DS's school so know her to be very helpful!)?

LittleFluffyMoo Tue 28-Apr-15 15:10:31

I haven't gazzalw but will, thanks!

DS is number 4, moved a lot in the first couple of weeks but seems to have stopped at the end of March completely!

AnotherNewt Tue 28-Apr-15 15:35:58

That'll be because the first round of state school offers and the second round/waiting list shuffle of private school offers all happen in March.

If someone chose a private offer but did not cancel their Graveney offer straight away, it won't be on their mind now and it may not happen, unless something reminds them. So sorry but you might have to wait to see if anyone doesn't turn up in September.

LittleFluffyMoo Tue 28-Apr-15 16:11:49

Sadly, I have heard this practice takes place AnotherNewt and think that it's the height of selfishness to keep the state offer as well if they have no intention of taking it! Not sure I buy the 'oops, I forgot' excuse either hmm

You can't hold two state offers at the same time, but if you can afford to pay for a place in an independent school then you can keep a state place as well as an indy place pretty much on a whim! If I do have to wait until September it means that my poor DS will have to go through induction at his 2nd choice school and we'll have to buy that school's uniform before he has a place, then just as he settles he'll have to be ripped out and replanted in a different school.

Oh well, whatever happens we'll make the best of it I guess! grin

gazzalw Tue 28-Apr-15 16:53:58

You may find though that once the letters start to go out about the welcome day for Year 7s-to-be (they usually take place after the school exams are done and dusted, in the second half of the summer term) that prompts some people to cancel unwanted places.

Friend's DD got her place well in advance of the end of summer term (possibly late June?) but she had never bothered to find out what position her daughter was on the waiting list (so she could have been 1st or 10th!)

But as I said the Registrar (I previously said Admissions Officer but think the former title to be righ) is lovely and I'm sure will give you a broad idea of what's happened in previous years...

Good luck!

The only thing is that

LittleFluffyMoo Wed 13-May-15 20:15:44

Just had a letter to say we've got a place! Seems to have suddenly started moving quickly again, no idea why. Thanks for the advice and support, it's been really helpful!

I have to ask though gazzalw - what is the only thing? grin

smellylittleorange Wed 13-May-15 21:29:48

Congrats Littlefluffymoo!

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