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Question about UKMT junior challenge

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TheFirstOfHerName Thu 23-Apr-15 08:45:32

I heard somewhere (possibly on here?) that the last few questions are negatively marked.

I have looked on the website but it doesn't mention the marking.

I would be grateful if anyone can provide information on this for DS2, who will be sitting the paper next week.

He is a keen Mathematician but has a tendency to guess if he doesn't know what he is doing. If some of the questions are negatively marked then he should be leaving those ones blank if he can't reach a sensible answer.

Thank you

bruffin Thu 23-Apr-15 08:53:03

Look on the past paper on the website.
25 questions
questions 1 to 15 5 points
questions 16 to 20 6pts lose 1pt if incorrect
question 20 to 25 6pts lose 2pts if incorrect

Eastpoint Thu 23-Apr-15 09:00:25

Has he gone through to a higher round like the Kangaroo?

TheFirstOfHerName Thu 23-Apr-15 09:03:04

Bruffin: thank you, that's exactly the information I was looking for.

Eastpoint: This is the first, open round. Last year he got a silver certificate and this year he is hoping to score higher.

Florence37 Thu 23-Apr-15 11:39:38

Does anyone know what sort of mark is needed for the different certificates (gold, silver etc), and how good they need to be to move onto the next level.

bruffin Thu 23-Apr-15 12:25:21

The 2014 thresholds for Junior were

Bronze 50-62 Silver 63-78 Gold 79+ Olympiad Qualifier 108+

but they change each year as they award the top 40% a certificate
Bronzes go to the top 40%
Silver go to the top 13.5%
gold go to top 6%
and the top 1200 go onto the Olympiad , and the website says several thousand go onto the kangaroo round
My ds was always the cautious type and dyslexic and got bronze for intermediate and the first year of senior, but the last one he got gold and best in school. He missed kangaroo by one point, so it is possible to improve quite a bit over the years.

chadc Fri 01-May-15 07:28:47

Can someone scan and post the 1997 UKMT junior questions for me? I just ordered the ten years past papers book but it has not arrived yet.

Thank you very much.


TheFirstOfHerName Wed 20-May-15 16:01:37

Update: DS2 scored 105, which was enough for a gold certificate and eligibility for the junior Olympiad. He is very pleased. Thank you again.

3nationsfamily Wed 20-May-15 16:15:25

Yes the thresholds have now been published

TheFirstOfHerName Wed 20-May-15 16:20:43

Looks like he scraped through by the skin of his teeth! grin

TheFirstOfHerName Wed 01-Jul-15 20:41:10

Update: he got a merit in the Olympiad, and is happy with his performance. Thank you Bruffin for the help and information.

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