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Year 11 GCSE Exam Support Thread 2

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HSMMaCM Tue 24-Mar-15 20:24:15

New thread ..... (DD not sure about the prom dress she has bought!!!!)

ErrolTheDragon Tue 24-Mar-15 20:36:31

Thanks for starting the new thread. smile

TeenAndTween Tue 24-Mar-15 20:40:53

All be finished in 3 months ...
(pointless post so appears on I'm on)

Littleham Tue 24-Mar-15 20:51:09


auntpetunia Tue 24-Mar-15 21:03:15

oh god 47 days till first exam; 11th May 2015

HSMMaCM Tue 24-Mar-15 21:07:40

11th May here too. Anyone else doing RS?

TeenAndTween Tue 24-Mar-15 21:09:54

HSM Hope the prom dress wasn't too expensive if you might be shelling out for another one grin !

DD had her report today, first ever one with written comments. The funniest bit was the history predicted grade - she dropped it before half term - reports obviously take a long time to be processed.

HSMMaCM Tue 24-Mar-15 21:11:26

Got the member of staff to write on the receipt that we could have a refund within 28 days. It looks lovely. Not my favourite of the ones she tried on, but .........

HSMMaCM Tue 24-Mar-15 21:11:47

Our final progress reports come out on Tuesday

ErrolTheDragon Tue 24-Mar-15 21:29:25

T&T - no written comments before? shock That seems a bit off.

The report we got today didn't have any, it was just the target, mock and expected grades and ATLs. But there was a nice covering letter from the head of KS4 essentially saying DD was on track and to keep going.

TeenAndTween Tue 24-Mar-15 21:34:22

Errol yup, only ever have had numbers and letters before.

SugarPlumTree Wed 25-Mar-15 07:00:08

We don't get comments either, just numbers and letters.DD was shattered after her science mocks them had first proper lesson with her Maths tutor as was ill last week. Says she over complicates things and wants my friend's DD back as understands her and feels she really helps.

So 2 professional tutors and it is the 6th former who wins out ! She's a natural teacher if I ever saw one but slightly in denial over the fact.and faffing about witb accountancy which she doesn't really want to do.

Don't know when next report due. School has someone in at moment in anticipation of a full Ofsted as now nearly 18 months since their disastrous one.

bigTillyMint Wed 25-Mar-15 07:22:15

DD's first exam is 11th May too, but it's Citizenship - she did RE last year!

I'm a bitshock that you don't get written comments at all. We get a numbers and letters "short report" each half-term (or thereabouts) after their half-termly testing and a "long" report once a year, after their annual official exams, which comes on the night of just before their Parents Evening. And the teachers are really good on Parents Evening.

DD is also shattered, and has the second half of her Biology ISA tonight as well as needing to prepare for her French speaking CA...

bebumba Wed 25-Mar-15 08:19:36

Good week for Ds this week. Final report received on Monday and all was well. But best of all he happily announced last night that all of his coursework is now completed. I am not sure that he was quite so pleased when I mentioned that it was a good thing because now he would have more time to revise. ��

TeenAndTween Wed 25-Mar-15 08:19:58

I've kind of got used to no words on the report, just numbers 3 times a year. Though I think I would have liked something 2 terms into y10 to see how GCSEs were getting on.

The school has a really good email to teachers system so you can query things if you want to which I use extensively , and tbh the report this time didn't tell me anything much I didn't already know.

bigTillyMint Wed 25-Mar-15 08:32:55

Yes we email a lot tooblush

SugarPlumTree Wed 25-Mar-15 13:52:37

Well we don't have a really good email system but emailing her teachers is my new hobby grin

We get current grade, predicted grade, target grade. Then a number 1-4 for effort, behaviour and homework, plus a very small comment I think for behaviour in tutor group/adherence to uniform plus the absence data,

Letter home re Easter holiday revision session for Geography, DD will be delighted (not). I have it in my head that Geography is 11 May but am probably wrong.

ErrolTheDragon Wed 25-Mar-15 14:24:58

Which board is she doing, sugar? AQA geog is 19th may and 3rd June according to my DD's timetable. RS is the only subject listed for 11th may that her school does.

So she actually gets one day 'study leave' before her exams start with biology on the 12th.

She had the second part of her physics ISA resit yesterday, said she thought it went better than the first attempt. Today her second german speaking CA.

dingit Wed 25-Mar-15 16:01:46

We had a meeting at school last night drumming revision and exam timetables into them. The overhead projected read 17 days at school, 31 untitled the first public exam on 5th May

dingit Wed 25-Mar-15 16:03:09

That should read projector and until ( note to self, check the post before you post)

SugarPlumTree Wed 25-Mar-15 16:28:12

You're right Erroll it is Philosophy and Ethics on 11th. Her teacher had just gone off sick leaving thd one DD doesn't get on with so not hopeful.

I had clocked Geography on the first page but on closer inspection I think that might be AS. It would be lovely to have a proper timetable rather than a massive list of everything.

DS starts his SATS on 11th, they have been doing mocks for their L6 Maths today . Thank goodness he doesn't generally get phased. DD felt tofay's English paper OKish.

Who is it who has GCSE'S and A Levels going on, is it Littleham? If so, how are you bearing up?

Littleham Wed 25-Mar-15 17:45:08

Someone was asking about dd3's revision app on her ipod (where the machine sets the timetable for you, based around your exam dates).

She says it is SQA - My Study Plan and it works best with Apple but is available on Android.

Hope that helps. smile

SugarPlumTree Wed 25-Mar-15 18:24:35

Thank you Littleham smile

OddBoots Wed 25-Mar-15 18:40:56

My ds has his first exams on 11th May too - he has a clash, his RS exam is at the same time as his Algebra exam so he is going to be kept in isolation for a while.

He had his sixth form interview today and has a conditional offer thank goodness.

ds wants a particular and unusual coloured suit for his prom so we are getting it made - it is an extravagance we wouldn't normally consider but he has worked so hard and he doesn't ask for much.

bigTillyMint Wed 25-Mar-15 19:07:32

DD is not happy.
ICT teacher admitted that she had managed to not give in all her work to be marked internally for her CA. She has now passed it on, but only after telling DD (who is a major stresshead at the best of times) the wrong grade IYSWIM.
Biology ISA is still not finished - apparently tomorrow, along with English speaking and French (which she has not yet learned) speaking.
She is currently asleep.

OddBoots, good news re the conditional offer and wow at handmade suit! Hope he doesn't grow too fast and gets some wear out of it!

Littleham, thanks for that - will tell DD about it.

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