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UTCs: yea or nay?

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cressetmama Wed 18-Mar-15 15:21:53

The local UTC is about to take the first set of GCSEs and A levels. What have other UTCs' achievement levels been to date? Are there any statistics?

ragged Wed 18-Mar-15 17:18:38

UTCs get dissed by other MNers, I dunno. Probably a great fit for some.

user1483732237 Sun 05-Nov-17 12:10:24

DfE 2017 GCSE league tables are available - plus you can see history of other years. Generally the standard is very low, & government has virtually stopped opening them. 30/37 UTC's who published results in 2017 were below the Government's floor standards: 4 of those have now closed and another 4 closed earlier. There are now 49 open - the vast majority hugely under-subscribed - with only one due to open in the future.Check out Michael Gove's article in The Times - 10th February 2017. Hope that helps.

noblegiraffe Sun 05-Nov-17 12:23:41

User, why are you going around digging up every thread from years back about UTCs just to point out how crap they are?

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