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Kingsdale waiting lists - any experience

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waitingnervously Fri 13-Mar-15 19:37:38

Has anyone got into Kingsdale Foundation School from the waiting list? We won't know what position our child is in until next week and I'm preparing for the worst (536th/723rd - it is very oversubscribed sad) but I wondered if anyone else's child had got in from the list and how fast/slow it had moved for you.


sydenhamhiller Sat 14-Mar-15 00:07:01

Hi, we live about 10 minutes away from Kingsdale and it was on our 'choice' of 6. (DS in Y6)
I hear there is a lot of movement, in common with many schools: last year friend daughter had kingsdale as no 1 (no scholarship involved), got Sydenham girls, very happy with that, bought uniform, went on induction days etc. Early August got call from Kingsdale: now in Year 7 and loving it.

waitingnervously Sat 14-Mar-15 10:24:11

Thanks, sydenham. I have heard the list moves quickly but I was wondering how quickly - do you know roughly what number you friend's daughter was on the waiting list?

jaws5 Sat 14-Mar-15 10:27:35

I know several cases similar to yours at KD, and every single one of them got in eventually.

tiggytape Sat 14-Mar-15 10:28:15

Most waiting lists won't have started really moving just yet.
Offers went out March 2nd and the deadline to accept or decline is around two weeks later (so next week).
The numbers are collated and any newly created vacancies will then be offered from the list. The first surge of new offers tends to be mid March - mid April so you don't need to worry if little is happening right now
We're still in the very early phase of working out who wants their places and who is moving house / going private / home educating etc.

List remain open until December at least. Offers can filter through all over summer and beyond but the first big wave of them should be soon.

waitingnervously Sat 14-Mar-15 10:28:26

BTW - I hope your child got into a school that you are all pleased with smile.

waitingnervously Sat 14-Mar-15 10:34:02

Oooh, two posts while I was adding one to sydenham. jaws, it's the "eventually" that is killing me - the not knowing if it will be next month or 2018... tiggy - can I ask what you mean that lists remain open until December at least? I thought - but this is just an assumption - that they remain open indefinitely until there is either no one left on the list or it gets to year 12 and everyone reshuffles for sixth form.

ButterflyUpSoHigh Sat 14-Mar-15 10:46:21

You automatically stay on the list until Christmas, You then need to apply each term to stay on the waiting list.

tiggytape Sat 14-Mar-15 11:26:24

Lists must remain open until December as that's the minimum set by the Admissions Code but in practice most schools carry them on beyond that.

After December difference schools will have different ways of managing it.

You may get a letter at the end of the year asking you to fill in a reply slip if you wish to remain on the list into 2016. This weeds out those not serious about moving at that stage. Try not to worry just yet - it is very early days.

NynaevesSister Sat 14-Mar-15 15:45:42

Kingsdale works on a lottery system and anyone who applied has the same chance of getting in (excepting scholarships). This is infuriating for us as it is our closest secondary. As far as I am aware the waiting list works on the same lottery system. So you could end up 1st or last. Or have I got that wrong?

waitingnervously Sat 14-Mar-15 16:26:09

You have that right, NynaevesSister. I won't know my child's position on the waiting list until next week and I was just after some idea of how fast or slow the churn was.

tiggytape Sat 14-Mar-15 16:56:18

Old threads here and here about Kingsdale waiting list may be helpful.

For all schools, waiting lists are held in the order of admissions criteria. It appears that, since Kingsdale has a banding and lottery system, there are lists for each band. So if someone in band 5 turns down a place, the next person in band 5 takes it. They say:

"Children’s position on the waiting list(s) will be determined solely in
accordance with the oversubscription criteria set out in Section 2.
*Random allocation waiting lists will be redrawn, to take into account late
applicants, in accordance with the School Admissions Code.* Where
places become vacant they will be allocated to children on the waiting list
in accordance with our published oversubscription criteria."

They must redraw quite quickly as people knew last year and the year before which position they were in relatively soon after allocations day. It seems quite a few were successful at eventually getting a place.

tiggytape Sat 14-Mar-15 16:59:30

(bold fail and I have probably muddled that but the old threads are a good place to see how it panned out in two previous years)

waitingnervously Sat 14-Mar-15 17:15:14

Thanks, tiggy - this seems to be an annual thread blush. Looking at those old threads, it seems to be people like me who are slightly tense about the whole process - I was cheered that someone got in during Y7 having been 80-odd in her band's list but the school seemed to have opened a bulge class that year which may have helped. Maybe I'll feel better next week when Southwark sends out waiting list positions.

I'm assuming that late applicants (who don't have siblings/special needs/aren't looked after) join the end of the waiting list rather than the whole thing is randomised again...

tiggytape Sat 14-Mar-15 18:15:09

I'm assuming that late applicants (who don't have siblings/special needs/aren't looked after) join the end of the waiting list rather than the whole thing is randomised again...

They'll be late applicants right now who will join the waiting list in their correct position as of next week and won't be penalised for this.
So a person who moved to London in January and put in a late application would have been right at the end of the queue for every school in March when offers were sent out but they will be in with the same chance as everyone else when the school redraws all the names this week to create the waiting list.
Waiting lists are not allowed to be "first come, first served"

waitingnervously Sat 14-Mar-15 19:24:12

tiggy - I know that you are an authority on this so I'm not challenging you but, surely, if the majority of places at a school are awarded by lottery and a child is, say, 25th on the waiting list, they can't redraw the lottery a few months down the line? confused Or are you saying that people who applied up until this week (including the original October applicants) will not have been given a waiting list place until now and everyone who doesn't qualify for a higher priority place will enter a lottery for the waiting list positions? In which case, where does that leave people who apply after the waiting list has been redrawn?

Apologies for all these questions, you have already given me a ton of your time flowers.

tiggytape Sat 14-Mar-15 22:28:29

waiting - I don't know the answer to that either confused.
From the admissions criteria, it is clear that late applicants, in the sense of people who missed the October 31st deadline but who applied before March, will definitely be included in the latest redraw that decides the waiting list and they have every chance of being much higher up the list than people who applied on time.

What I don't know is what happens if someone moves to London in June and decides to go on Kingsdale's list. There must be some way of rejigging things so that the random nature of the admissions criteria is adhered to but frankly I cannot figure out what that could be. I don't know if each new addition to the list triggers a fresh redraw (I am sure it is just a click of the mouse to do it but it would vastly change the position of each person each time). The problem is that they can't just shove very late applicants to the end of the queue because that would be against the code governing admissions and lists.

tiggytape Sat 14-Mar-15 22:37:07

Thinking about it.....if I had to devise a solution to one-off late applicants who apply when the list has been in operation for months, I would draw a random number from a hat for the new person.
So if I drew number 98, the new person would become number 98 on the list. The people at numbers 1-97 would be unaffected but the people in positions 98 onwards would all move down one.
That way nobody risks going from number 2 to number 200 overnight but equally some random element still genuinely exists for the new person.
I have no idea if that's what they do though and it isn't clear anywhere I can find how they cover this.

waitingnervously Tue 17-Mar-15 17:23:49

I phoned Southwark today to find out our waiting list position and was told someone would call me back ("hopefully") in the next three days. I was reassured that if someone does call me, they should be able to explain the way the lottery works - my name feels very prescient... hmm

FrNath Thu 25-Jun-15 22:31:40

Hope you don't mind me jumping in but did you get any news on waiting list position? Did you get a place at all due to extra places? I am waiting still. Thks

Evaexpat1 Wed 08-Jul-15 07:08:32

Does anyone knows what it means if you're, say, no 14 BUT applying for year 10? We just moved to London and so we applied late, took the exam and are now no 14 - not sure if that means no 14 for this particular band AND the particular year (which would be bad) or just no 14 on the waiting list in general (which would be alright). I've asked the school but haven't heard back yet..

FrNath Wed 22-Jul-15 10:24:59

Hi We have just been offered a place for yr 7. I think there will be a big shift in first week in September. Year 10 not sure but imagine will depend if lots move away or transfer to other schools like Brit school. I think just a waiting game. Good luck.

RJsMa Sun 06-Mar-16 20:51:56

Any advice on how the waiting list did pan out last year?

RJsMa Tue 08-Mar-16 07:36:47


IdaJones Tue 08-Mar-16 08:57:13

I don't know the school, but it is one of those comps that gets mentioned on mumsnet a lot, so i was intrigued enough to look it up on the dfe performance tables. (My children's comp never gets mentioned grin)
If there is a banding system (presumably by ability) then how has it ended up with 52% high attainers and 3% low attainers?
Also how have they brought the number of 5 A - C grades from 36% - 79% within three years? shock Amazing!

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