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Cheltenham Ladies College - Boarding Houses. Feedback please.

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Fivechildrenandamenagarie Fri 06-Mar-15 09:18:18

I would really appreciate some feedback about the different junior houses. Pro's and Con's. My DD is starting in sept.
We missed the open morning so we have only managed to look around St Margaret's, which we quite liked, but I would like to hear other peoples opinions of the different houses.

Lorna291201 Thu 11-Aug-16 23:11:35

Hi, since it is so late I am assuming you have all the information you need. Did your DD go to St Margarets in the end? I am joining CLC this September in St Margarets (Unfortuanately I don't get a choice) and was wondering if you could tell me anything about it.

Ojoj1974 Tue 28-Feb-17 19:26:50

Hi, I have seen a post from last August re houses at CLC. My daughter is starting in September and we are trying to help her chose a house at the moment. She likes St Mags and St helens. My daughter is average at sports, love swimming and loves music. She is very easy going and mixes well.

I have heard that the LC girls are left to their own devices alot at weekends, hanging around their houses etc. Is this true?

Could you give us any info? Im beginning to panic a bit!

many thanks

SpikeStoker Wed 01-Mar-17 13:32:05

Hi, my DD (at CLC) has a friend in St Mag's and I'm friends with her parents, so if you want to know anything specific pm me and and I'll find out for you. Every girl I've spoken to at CLC thinks their house is the best.
We didn't go to the official open houses day, but College was very helpful in arranging appointments with our short list of houses on a different day and I let DD put them in the order of which she felt most at home at. Remember you are choosing their main home for the next five years.
Girls do have free time at weekends, after they've done matches, trips out, trips into town, parties. They need the time to rest. The girls cannot be on full throttle 24/7 and do need some downtime. With all the clubs and activities in the week my DD actively chooses to have one evening "off" a week and sleeps all the way home at exeats etc.
Once you've chosen the school is to pick the House that feels right. It helps if you love the HM, but check how long they've been HM of the house as they may move on, so liking the Deputy is good too!
Hope this

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