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Bromsgrove School

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Godblessyou123 Thu 05-Mar-15 13:44:29

Any comments about this school?

sparklingsky Sat 07-Mar-15 00:48:41

Only in that I've a very good friend who teaches there, and has told me lots about the fantastic academic and sporting achievements of its pupils...But you probably know this already. They don't seem to tolerate any weaker teachers.

thoth Sat 07-Mar-15 00:55:02

We know someone whose son is there- he's having a fantastic time, v strong on music (which he loves).

Godblessyou123 Sun 08-Mar-15 13:16:16

Thanks for your sharing.

Godblessyou123 Sun 08-Mar-15 13:19:27

Thanks for your sharing. My DD will go to this school in Y9 in the coming Sept. I found here not so many parents talking about this school, so I'm thinking maybe this is not a famous school in UK if compare to others.

wychbold Sun 08-Mar-15 14:18:29

MN has a lot of posters in the South East of the country so they tend to talk about schools in that area and not so much in other parts of the country.

Bromsgrove is a very old school and has been around for a long time. At one stage they got a bit lazy and complacent but about thirty years ago they realised that they had to improve. They are now very focussed and competitive but it takes a long time, a whole generation, for the change in a school's reputation to filter through to the general public.

Dustylaw Sun 08-Mar-15 20:29:56

Not famous in the way that a very, very few schools (Eton obviously) are famous but a well-known and well-regarded school. Wychbold makes a good point and it is not surprising that schools mentioned so often are in the London/South-East corner or on the main route from London to the North. Don't worry at all about the fact that it is not constantly being talked about on Mumsnet! I see by the way that they are through to the final of the National Schools Rugby Cup, having beaten Oundle in the semi-final.

BuzzardBird Sun 08-Mar-15 20:32:42

Sparkling, is that you on a nc? Wychbold you must be very near to me.

Dancingdreamer Sun 08-Mar-15 23:02:08

Bromsgrove is a lovely, well-respected school and has fabulous facilities. It's large but very welcoming. Has a nice coffee shop and gives great food to visiting teams!

Academically it suffers from what I call the KES syndrome in that lots of potential day pupils are drawn to the traditionally high performing 2 King Edward independents in Birmingham and the surrounding grammar schools. Locally for day pupils often used as a back-up to these schools and places like Solihull. However won't just take anyone and seems to do well with the students it takes.

I would be happy to send my DCs there. I hope your DD settles in.

Sparklingbrook Sun 08-Mar-15 23:05:22

No I am still me BB. smile

0verseasmum Mon 09-Mar-15 06:24:26

Bromsgrove great school DC spent happy and successful years there. KES good for sure and infinitely cheaper which would take many prospective pupils away from Bromsgrove. Hope your DC enjoys it as much as mine did.

Godblessyou123 Mon 09-Mar-15 11:28:06

KES more well known than Bromsgrove, but they were full when my DD applied for Y9 in last November. I heard that they need two years in advance to apply.

0verseasmum Mon 09-Mar-15 13:26:01

Thats a lot of extra money to pay for a school that doesnt seem to be your first choice - are you making the right decision? Perhaps another indie day only might be better. If you are not wholehearted about a school perhaps its best not to invest. I had never heard of KES before DC being at Bromsgrove but then we are out of the area even when in the UK. I have since heard KES good school/s but we were boarding at the time, not sure if KES board.

wychbold Mon 09-Mar-15 13:38:38

None of the King Edwards schools do boarding. They all start in year 7 and are very oversubscribed. Entrance is by the 11+ test which might be what you mean by two years in advance to apply. You are extremely unlikely to get in for a later year.

Godblessyou123 Mon 09-Mar-15 14:14:54

I also got an offer from Caterham, but I heard Caterham has a lot of students from Mainland China.

thoth Mon 09-Mar-15 14:20:43

Dancingdreamer- interesting analysis, I'd agree!
Solihull school is good too, particularly re music and sport.

Godblessyou123 Wed 11-Mar-15 14:55:57

Solihull? Boarding school? As I'm looking for boarding school, but not local school.

chan22345111 Sun 13-Dec-15 17:00:28

I have got offers from Bromsgrove and Uppingham to study year 10.Which one should I choose?

Guidance4 Wed 28-Dec-16 13:29:12

Any idea about Eastbourne college or Bedes? Am looking for a good boarding school, strong in science for my 16 years A levels. Will appreciate any suggestion. Thanks

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