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caroann58 Tue 24-Feb-15 07:40:46

Does anyone have any experience of Rochester Independent College for 6th form direct entry? Big leap to change schools so would like to know if this would be as positive as it looks.

perrycourt Mon 09-Mar-15 19:53:27

my dd went there and sat 2 A levels in a year - both A's. Excellent teaching in small discussion groups. I would certainly look at it again for my other dd if she wanted to move school.

caroann58 Mon 09-Mar-15 20:04:17

Thanks Perrycourt. I posted on Senior Schools and Kent local and you are my only reply! The website looks really interesting so we will go and have a look. It is a total unknown to us so if anyone else has any more views do please post.

tplank1 Thu 23-Feb-17 19:01:30

I'm looking at sending my 18 year old for Easter revision classes before she sits her A level exams this year, does anyone have any experience of Rochester Independent College?

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