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Streatham and clapham high school

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Condemned Wed 11-Feb-15 16:28:23

Has any one had an offer here? We have and are waiting for JAGs offers (or not) this fri. We really like SCHS and it seems smaller and friendlier than JAGs and seems to be getting more and more popular. Is there anyone with daughters there that could give some feedback or opinion. I don't know anyone currently at the school? Or anyone out there that is likely to take up a place?

EldonAve Thu 12-Feb-15 20:23:55

I know ppl with children there
General opinion is that you go there if you don't get in elsewhere

Condemned Thu 12-Feb-15 21:46:12

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

AnotherNewt Thu 12-Feb-15 21:54:12

What's GFY?

Condemned Thu 12-Feb-15 22:21:06

Good for you or ........

AnotherNewt Thu 12-Feb-15 22:53:51


It is less ferociously selective than some schools, and that is reflected in public exam results. But if you want to compare in another direction, it generally outperforms Graveney in terms of %ages A*/A at both GCSE and A level.

Early gossip about this year's admissions is that the cut off mark for offers was quite a bit higher than before (and it's been gently rising for a few years anyhow).

Condemned Thu 12-Feb-15 23:19:25

Thank you so much AnotherNewt for the constructive feedback (rather than the negative and IMO bitchy first response - why do people do at ??!!). Your observations are the same as my general impression.
We are on the waiting list for Putney and waiting to hear from JAGs but even with an offer from one of them I am wondering if we would go for SCHS. I like the fact that the school demographic is far more mixed and inclusive and it feels less hothouse. It is very local to us and I liked the headmaster he was a little eccentric and a refreshing change IMO. I wonder if the school could be on the up. In any case a bright child would definitely do well there.

wandymum Fri 13-Feb-15 00:15:42

Hmm, not sure EldonAve was intending to be bitchy. You asked for opinions and I have heard the same said about it including by parents with kids at the junior branch, lots of whom apply elsewhere. I'm not saying that to be cruel - it may well be an option for DD in a few years . You need the negative and positive to get a full picture.

I think the reputation is largely self perpetuating. It's a good school but as it hasn't been high up people's wish lists it doesn't get to cherry pick the very brightest the way some others do which is reflected in its results. That may well be changing as the scrabble for places in london gets more intense.

AnotherNewt Fri 13-Feb-15 00:29:24

I don't think the problem is what she may have meant, but how she actually said what she said.

nether Fri 13-Feb-15 00:37:41


As you seem to know the school, what do people make of the (newish) head? Has there been much staff turnover since then?

PeppermintDrop99 Fri 13-Feb-15 07:29:17

I think it all depends on what you want for your child. A girl currently in Y7, from my DD's primary, had offers from St Paul's, JAGS and Alleyn's and chose to go to Streatham and Clapham because her parents wanted a slower paced environment where she could flourish, and still enjoy being laid back. She's very happy there, loves the sports, diversity of culture and the teachers.

It does feel like a very warm and caring environment. We applied because of the lovely atmosphere when we went on the open day - the girls were very honest about what they do and don't like (very funny exchange about whether chocolate cake is better than fruit) and seemed to have easy relationships with the teachers. Also spoke to current parents who had three children at the school (one in juniors) and they were very happy. We're currently holding an offer too. Just waiting to see what the post brings today, as it's not as local to us as JAGS.

EldonAve Fri 13-Feb-15 10:01:37

Sorry OP I realise it is a stressful time.
The ppl I know there went because they didn't get in elsewhere
Local chit chat suggests it has been easier to get into than the Dulwich schools

ladydepp Fri 13-Feb-15 10:32:57

It is easier to get into than the Dulwich schools, but the girls I know in Y7 are very happy there. A super bright academic girl might prefer a more academically selective school, but for the other 95% the school has a great reputation. It is definitely getting more and more popular.

Good luck!

Condemned Fri 13-Feb-15 14:09:51

Thanks for all the info, I am currently in A&E with the subject in question who may have a dislocated her shoulder so can't see if there is a JAGs envelope on the doorstep. We're very happy with SCHS though so not too stressed.
Good luck to anyone else waiting

bunny123 Fri 13-Feb-15 15:15:15

Hello everyone. I too am thinking of sending DD to SCHS, and from what i can gather, lots of people I know who go there are really really happy - and echoing Pepperdrop's comments, it does feel like a nurturing and softer pace and where a regular bright child will flourish. Just wondered how you would rate Emmanuel with SCHS as both have in the past been seen as the back up option, but it seems that both are getting more popular? Any views? I ask as Emmanuel is closer, but DD prefers a single sex environment.

Urbanvoltaire Tue 17-Feb-15 00:29:56

My niece goes to S&CHS, in year 8 and is v happy. She was offered a place at Sydenham Girls which was turned down (despite being more convenient). The Head is a v charismatic man who adds a bit extra to everything from what I hear. There's plans afoot for a new 6th form building.

Condemned Sat 21-Feb-15 06:21:49

Thanks everyone I am convinced and we will be going for SCHS. IMO it's a lovely school that will push my daughter enough without being a hothouse. Also the Gymnastic squad will be a massive EC bonus as she is so into it and they have a squad that has won national competitions. I know the academic stuff is more important but I feel they have that side of it sorted as well. JAGs felt too hothouse and CLSG too much commuting so we will have to pass those places back.

Eastpoint Sat 21-Feb-15 06:48:27

Some other great things about the GDST schools; they have low centralized costs, aren't constantly fundraising, are part of a group which runs networking events for alumnae, have a strong egalitarian background. Classes tend to be slightly larger than in the more expensive schools and building projects tend to be every 10 years rather than more frequent.

Nothappy2015 Thu 26-Feb-15 22:20:58

I must confess that I find some of the comments on this thread really odd and rather overpowering!

As a current parent with a child at the Junior School the general consensus amongst us is that its school for nice but very average girls. Theres a worry that the brightest aren't pushed enough and those that have passed the Dulwich school exams over the last few years have all left the school and not stayed for the pastoral care which seems to be the backbone of a lot of the praise on this thread.

Each to their own I suppose. I hope that those who chose the school are very happy there but I know of parents with girls across the range of abilities who have looked elsewhere. Whether SCHS have advanced them sufficiently to look elsewhere is another matter...

Condemned Fri 27-Feb-15 00:45:22

Interesting 'nothappy', however there is a new head of senior school so I am focusing on the future and he sounds very interesting and committed to raising the academic results. I know the school,was known as one that girls who weren't academic go to but I think that has changed. The discussions and competition at the school gates on exam date confirmed this.
Competition for London indie places is so fierce SCHS is bound to have a different demographic this year and this will,continue to change.

wandymum Fri 27-Feb-15 10:58:37

This is actually really interesting.

Parents I know at the junior school all seem to feel the same way as Nothappy and will only send their girls on to the senior school if they can't get them in anywhere else. I've even heard that some girls have been moved out of the junior school into local state schools as parents were so unhappy with their progress.

On the other hand, I know lots of parents with kids at other local preps who have just accepted 11+ places at SCHS for September, in some cases over offers for other schools which have traditionally been more popular.

I wonder how closely the junior and senior sections of the school are run? I know they have separate sites so maybe it is a problem particular to the junior school. Or is it just that getting places at 11+ has become so competitive that people are having to broaden their horizons and look at schools they wouldn't have previously considered?

ohdear66 Fri 27-Feb-15 18:12:50

I'd agree with not happy - I'm a current parent and I wouldn't choose it if I had my choice again. The head is great but he's always being sent off to China or to inspect schools elsewhere. The demand to improve academic standards means the girls are given ridiculous amounts of homework (5 subjects in one night in DD's case)

Also don't get over excited about the gymnsatics squad. Unless your DD is phenomenal she won't be in it - they use the same half dozen girls all the time and they don't get taught gym at school but in the gemstones club that uses its facilities at the weekend.

I'm told that lots of the current year 6 parents are fuming as their girls have been so badly taught almost no one has got in anywhere else and so they are being forced to go to the senior school when they would rather have left.

IMO I'd think very carefully before I turned down JAGS or City - just wish I'd looked elsewhere.

dishwasher123 Fri 27-Feb-15 19:45:43

I'm sorry to say the comments from Nothappy2015, wandymum and ohdear66 seem absolutely spot on to me. I've also heard the same about how few year 6 children have had offers elsewhere and the paragraph about gymnastics is most definitely accurate. The junior school playground is full of disgruntled parents. It's worrying.

bunny123 Fri 27-Feb-15 21:00:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Condemned Fri 27-Feb-15 21:13:11

These issues seem to be related to the junior school which may be a separate entity? Also it is difficult to know the real picture when a couple of disgruntled parents are very vocal. The 'shock, horror' of parents going from prep to state doesn't really impact on me there may be numerous reasons why; financial or just preference - we saw some SCHS girls at the Kingsdale open day why is this any different to state primary pupils moving to independant schools.
Regarding the gym squad we watched a display of at least 10 girls and then were shown around by 3 who said they were in the squad so it doesn't seem that inclusive (these girls were asked in the corridor to show us around so it didn't seeem orchestrated). Anyway we feel the school fits for us.

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