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support in studying medicine

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lubs123 Mon 09-Feb-15 14:13:41


DD wants to study medicine - she's in Year 10 but is already looking at career options. How can I help her to decide this is the right career path? There are no medics in our family and we don't know any doctors or nurses other than our GP. I'v been reading some of the past threads and see that work experience is crucial. What about sending her to a course like this - Practical Skills Day from

Could really do with some direction as I want to be as supportive as possible.

lubs123 Mon 09-Feb-15 14:19:14

sorry i think the link is wrong ..

I've also seen this at eton college

Heels99 Tue 10-Feb-15 10:36:49

When she is older she will be able to get relevant experience, working in care homes seems popular.
Recent medic entrant I know worked on holiday play schemes for disabled children, helped at an after school club for disabled children, volunteered at a residential camp for sick children, spent summer helping in orphanage overseas. All her experience was with disabled or sick children. She did this from age 15-16 till she went to uni and carried on doing that type of thing in uni holidays.
Good luck to your daughter

ragged Tue 10-Feb-15 19:11:35

Some Medical schools do taster days for yr12s, I found out. Worth phoning Uni near you to ask.

Feellikescrooge Tue 10-Feb-15 19:23:19

Since all three of mine have gone down this path I would say the key is work experience. Dd1 had a Saturday job in a chemists and volunteered with a sailing club for disabled children. DS did a lot of sailing for the disabled and volunteered in a care home. Dd2 volunteered for a Lego club for disabled children and worked as a cleaner during the school holidays in a retirement home.
To be fair their late father was a GP so they did spend time at the practice.
Just try to ensure she can prove this is more than just a whim.

Decorhate Wed 11-Feb-15 20:07:31

At Y 10 stage the most important thing is for her to do as well as possible at her GCSEs and chose the right subjects for A Level.

Universities realise that work experience is not easy to get but they expect you to do something vaguely relevant. A good starting point might be to join St John's Ambulance cadets?

My dd volunteered with a local disability group. Then at the last minute she found a hospital in our area that did a volunteer programme for prospective medical & nursing students.

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