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Has anyone got a child who took 'Certificate in Personal Finance' in Year 11?

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JollyJill1 Sun 08-Feb-15 15:05:42

It's my first post and I'm interested to hear about ways to handle this situation please. My son was in a very small private school to take his GCSE's in Yr 10 and 11. In Year 10 they studied the Certificate in Personal Finance and we duly paid the £36 on the school bill for this exam. Un be known to us, as his parents living abroad, the course was dropped in Year 11 and 2 of the 3 parts of the certificate were not taken. When he collected his Certificates in Year 11 he just got a sheet of paper which said he passed one section of the certificate and in bold capitals at the bottom it stated 'THIS IS NOT A CERTIFICATE'. I thought the whole course had been taken in Year 10 and no information otherwise was given out by the school. Despite a change of Head, change of PSHE teacher who taught the course, I feel that he has been badly let down by the school, and now he is applying for Uni places and writing his CV has no certificate to show for the course. I have contacted the school's examinations officer who is looking onto it but said that none of the other 21 pupils in his year group had brought this problem up. Any suggestions of a way forward or should I forget it and put it down to bad luck?

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