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Thinking about St Swithun's, but need another option too . . .

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Coroico97 Sun 01-Feb-15 11:12:46

We think, and have been advised, that St Swithun's would be a good option for our daughter. She is Year 4 at moment and we will be living down that way by then. London at moment. Like fact she can be a day girl for a bit before boarding. We need a back-up school in area, that would have lower entry requirement. Could be full boarding but would prefer her to go from day to boarding, at 13 say, at same school. Current school recommended Downe House or Tudor Hall which i think are full boarding. Any thoughts? She is in top third of class academically at moment and very very sporty. Going forward have terror of blonde bitchy girls who are only interested in boys and make-up, but i guess you find them everywhere! She is a very friendly and straightforward girl. Co-ed would work for her too i think. Bradfield? Her brother starting at Radley at same time, if Common Entrance goe to plan! I think Bradfield will be his back up. At moment no fixed plans about where to live but no more than an hour or so from Oxford. Would prefer Winchester way due to proximity to friends/family.

Any thoughts much appreciated.

goinggetstough Sun 01-Feb-15 12:17:13

St Swithuns is predominantly weekly boarding. Many boarders go home on Friday night and return Monday morning. So fine if you are looking at day or weekly boarding.
Downe House is more academic than Tudor Hall IMO. All schools can have a certain amount of girls bitchiness. My blond sporty, academic DD had a great time at Downe. We looked at Bradfield for my DS. It was a lovely school but too many weekly boarders for us. We liked the idea that they had one house for Year 9s and then they split into senior houses.
Have you considered St Edwards Oxford or Canford?

Coroico97 Sun 01-Feb-15 12:28:49

Many thanks goinggetstough. I have very old (20+ years!) predjucides about Downe House from the unhappy time some of my contemporaries had there which i know i need to get over! Had not considered Canford or St Edwards and will check them out. And v sorry - totally didn't mean to pigeonhole blondes like that!!

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