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Will the new science GCSE still retain the double/triple conundrum?

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Frannydango Sat 31-Jan-15 09:22:17

So I know the course will be assessed at the end. But will we still have the double/triple angst?

ShipwreckedAndComatose Sat 31-Jan-15 10:26:57

I am not sure. I would guess that it will.

To be honest, we are in the middle of KS3 curriculum and assessment changes and looking at writing the the new schemes for A levels due to start in September so I haven't taken on board changes to GCSE yet. Aside for the the fact that there will be. 9-1 grade, it will be tougher, there will be a 10% coursework element, there are likely to be tiers of entry (unusually now) and terminal exams.

tiggytape Sun 01-Feb-15 22:40:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

catslife Wed 04-Feb-15 14:36:28

The Double vs Triple Science debate is not the issue here. The main change is the removal of coursework (assessed practical work). But there is still some debate about how schools will integrate practical work into the course as it is still important that pupils carry out experiments to gain skills and knowledge. It is feared that removal of coursework may mean that some schools could teach Science with little lab work.
Another areas that has affected the new syllabus for Science subjects at GCSE (and A level) is making sure that the calculations etc. are in line with those taught in the new GCSE Maths courses.

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