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St Clement Danes school Chorleywood any views anyone?

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Fluffbun7 Thu 29-Jan-15 07:55:51

Hi! We live on Bucks Herts borders (just inside Bucks) and as the 11+ looms ever closer I am looking at the non grammar options for my DD. Any views on St Clement Danes School in Chorleywood and in particular the musical aptitude entrance route? What is the school like generally? Does it really deliver the outstanding education the latest OFSTED implies? Have standards been maintained since the latest OFSTED which was in 2011? Which subject areas are particular strengths? (my daughter is strong in literacy, musical, creative and should be good at languages (we are a bilingual family but so far she has resisted learning her second language sad)) What kind of pupil gets in on the musical aptitude test (ie just how amazing do they have to be??). Would it be worth a 30 minute daily commute?? Our Bucks catchment school is non selective upper which is currently level 3 "requires improvement" so not a great fallback to grammar... Thanks for any advice! smile

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