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Views on Heathside, Weybridge?

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sanfranlover Wed 28-Jan-15 20:02:59

Hoping this is the best place to post as new to this forum. We are currently in the US but moving shortly to Weybridge. We are both from the UK but not from this area - moving for new job.

DD will be going into Yr 5 (somewhere - not sure where yet) and we will then be applying for secondary schools next year. Our local school will be Heathside. I know it is a 'good' school from Ofsted (previously outstanding?) - but wanted to get some local views? The house we have offered on is about half a mile away so I think we would get in. Could send privately too at a stretch if there were some good alternatives.

FrancesHB Wed 28-Jan-15 20:06:10

In the area it's definitely where locals move to get into catchment. Its results are good largely because of the wealthy and motivated parents. (As an estate agent told me, 'illegal immigrants and poor people can't afford to live here!')

I'd be very happy to send my children there but as we're outside catchment we don't have a chance.

Ultimately it is a comprehensive school but it sends a couple to Oxbridge every year so it seems to know what it's doing.

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