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Academic Awards at KS3 and beyond

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Sunnylodge Mon 26-Jan-15 12:50:30

I am interested in views on this subject. I get very frustrated at the lack of academic recognition at my son's comp. If he were good at sport he would be getting awards every year of school, as he is "only" bright then he seems to get no recognition. His report shows 4 Level 8s, and all the rest at 7 (apart from PE at 6). I think he is regarded as a MAT student as he did come home with a form for Maths masterclasses, but no one has said anything. I went through the same with my daughter at same school, we only discovered that she was at the top of the school after she left (school only goes up to Year 11) when she was one of only two who managed 11 A* at GCSE. She spent a lot of time feeling that she didn't excel at anything as sporting was more recognised. She got the results without the aid of tutors or resitting any exams. I did write to the school about it, as the actual awards night was 75% sport and 25% academic and they have now taken the KS3 sports awards out and have them at a separate evening. Do your schools have any awards for academic achievement prior to Year 11 and how do they determine them? Also any comments on MAT students at comp? This is a state school with about 200 per year group. Thank you!

AtiaoftheJulii Mon 26-Jan-15 13:04:43

I don't know what MAT means, but yes, my daughters' school has termly "celebration" assemblies for each year group where awards for progress and attainment are given out.

HereIAm20 Mon 26-Jan-15 13:05:25

First of all congratulations to your son and your daughter. As a parent of a bright child myself it is very frustrating to hear all about little Johnny's tries and Sports Scholarships etc! (I am fairly certain at job interviews though they may be more interested in your kids' grades rather than how many goals/tries/runs they got!)

We are in a similar situation at my son's prep school! I also know that even though he is bright (as clearly your children are) that it does not necessarily mean they sail through without having to put the effort in. It is frustrating that somewhere such as school whose primary purpose surely is to teach our kids doesn't recognise those that have learnt well and applied themselves as much as someone who can kick a ball or stand on a stage and sing!

In the circumstances I will hold my own special recognition ceremony here for you and your kids! Well done!

titchy Mon 26-Jan-15 13:39:13

Well the kids getting all the sporting awards - these will probably be the highlight of their school career, whereas your A* kids will experience success followed by more success followed by more success. Far better to have decent GCSE etc grades than a 'Top of year 9 Football' certificate.

lljkk Mon 26-Jan-15 17:13:21

What yr is your DS in, OP?
DD at comp, about 200 pupils./yr
They have annual celebration ceremonies with mixed awards for academic & sports (maybe 1/3 of total).

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