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School options for a boy who is "away with the fairies" a lot. (London SW)

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QuintlessShadows Sat 24-Jan-15 17:53:25

Ds1 is in a selective independent - we did not get our Catholic first choice due to lack of devotion. Ds2 will therefore not get in on a sibling policy, so we have to think afresh for him. DS2 is keen on going to the same school as his brother, but he will need to get in on his own merit. I dont know how much I should push him, outside homework, reading, and tutor one hour per week.

He is bright, but in a cause and effect, empathy and emotional wisdom sort of way. He is just slightly above national average for maths and English. Loves reading. Can retell what he has read, so it does sink in. He reads stuff like Michelle Paver. Not interested in business, or law or engineering type things. Keen on biology and animals. Loves teddy bears - yes, still in year 5. He loves projects, and making stuff, keen on geology, fossils, chemistry and blowing things up. He is lacking focus and not keen on learning in the same way as his brother is.

He is not keen on team sports. He has done gymnastics since he was 6, without getting into squad, and happy to do it once a week. He is a very fast runner, and decent at any of the ball games, football, volley ball, basket ball, they play in PE, but not keen on playing out of school. He loves chess, and often represents the schools for chess events. He is also selected to play basket ball for the school, but not keen on joining after school basketball club. He is not keen on watersports, so rowing is out of the question. He is at level 5 for swimming. Point is, he wont get in any where on a sports merit. He is not musical, and does not like to sing.

This all sounds very negative, but we have to be realistic. Being a totally wonderful, lovely and delightful boy is not getting him a school place!

I do feel we owe it to him to try and give him the same educational opportunities as his brother, so would like to find a good school that can tease out his very best, and be a nurturing environment. Private or a good state back up.

Any suggestions in South West London?

pineapplechick Sat 24-Jan-15 21:03:51

No constructive help, sorry, but look forward to seeing suggestions as he sounds incredibly similar to our DS2!

PowerPants Sun 25-Jan-15 00:33:48

I am bumping, as like pineapple, he sounds very very similar to DS1! And we are completely stuck on a secondary school.

Pop1ns Sun 25-Jan-15 09:04:13

Most DS are away with the fairies.Distraction and not focusing are very common traits.I suggest you do as many mock tests as possible e.g. Sutton mocks(you are in sw London) and 10+ exams.You may find the pressure and time constraints may make him pull everything together on the day and pass these exams.Many DS are like this.Our female piano teachers find girls are consistently good but finds boys plod along but pull things out of the bag come grade time.In any case you will find his level-tell him it is all practise.If he is not academic but has other qualities look at the state technology schools.A lot depends on your location and his SAT levels.

amidaiwish Sun 25-Jan-15 11:48:56


QuintlessShadows Sun 25-Jan-15 13:22:09

Halliford school is quite far, and we are not on their bus route. But thanks, I did not know of this school, and now I do!

Patricia909 Sun 25-Jan-15 17:39:30

Emmanuel? Royal Russell in Croydon? Depends where you are in SW London.

Biscetti Sun 25-Jan-15 17:47:48

Emmanuel would be my suggestion too. Though that obviously depends on exactly where you are in SW London.

Chavaloy Sun 25-Jan-15 17:49:43

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