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Any current Hampton parents?

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Sunnycliff Fri 23-Jan-15 20:48:09

Could any parents of boys currently at Hampton help with a few questions?!
We are waiting to hear if my son has a place for September but we live about 9 miles away from Hampton so wondered how often do you end up having to collect the boys from school due to after school clubs? I know most clubs are at lunch time but I appreciate that there are many occasions where things happen after school (plays, concerts, parents evenings etc..) and traffic can be bad. If you have a sporty son are most matches on a Saturday or are there some after school too?
Just trying to work out whether it is a viable option if he is lucky enough to get a place.
Also do you find that their friends are spread out over a large geographical location? So parties / meeting up mean quite large distances between boys?
Many thanks in advance!

JetJungle Sat 24-Jan-15 07:50:58

My son is in Lower 6th now at Hampton, and looking back there were very few occasions when I had to fetch him after school. They are very aware of the fact that many boys can only come to the school because of the school bus and so they do everything they can to avoid activities that would mean missing the bus. Most after school things are optional for the same reason. (Having said that, my son was not involved with music at the school, so I am not sure if that department might have a different take on things.)

They offer you time slots for parent's evenings so that if you work or come from further out, you can take the later slots and still make it on time. The only thing that I will say may prove awkward are the Saturday matches. You will have to bring him to school (no bus service on weekends) and some have a very early start. I can't remember an occasion when a match happened after school .....

Yes, some boys live very far out and yes, you can end up carting them around. Its the luck of the draw. My son's best mate lives a 10 minute walk away. I do find that there are fewer parties/meet ups then there were in primary school and that when they do meet up its to hang out in Kingston, Richmond Green etc. as opposed to people's houses.

Good luck. I hope your son gets the place he really wants.

Beingfrank Sat 24-Jan-15 08:55:34

I don't have a boy at Hampton although hope to soon, fingers crossed! I personally would be wary of sending a child to a school that they couldn't get to under their own steam if necessary. However, assuming you live on one of the coach routes I would imagine there would be an opportunity to lift share.

I have a rower at another school, and rowing training is early mornings and after school most days of the week - so if your son is likely to row, you may live to regret it. I can't imagine the Hampton rowers train any less.

AnnaG Sat 24-Jan-15 15:21:15

DS is in the second year and last year, I've only had to pick him up from school twice that I can remember. This was after the trip to the New Forest at the beginning of the year and Le Toquet towards the end of the year. As far as the sports practice, they do this during the extended lunch period.

Sunnycliff Sun 25-Jan-15 07:44:15

Thanks so much that is really helpful. We don't mind the odd day or even early morning Saturday matches, so that is great. We are on a coach route so hopefully travel will be OK. Just wait and see if he has a place now!

1LadyOwner Mon 26-Jan-15 14:22:54

Hi Sunnycliff - my DS started Hampton last September - the first half term was quite hard as they had 3 schools trips which arrived back at school after the coaches leave at 4pm - there were also a few "new parents" type events all during the same period so we felt as though we were driving back and forth a lot. After the first half term, we have only been back a couple of times - they try and put a few boys from the same area in each class - so it goes by where you live and which language you study, and you can arrange car pools with other parents - we even had a taxi between 5 kids at one point, preferring to pay £5 each than drive the 20 miles back and forth. However, one thing to bear in mind is because of the wide catchment area, friends can live 20 miles away effectively, if you are both 8-12 miles away from the school but in different directions. It is a fabulous and still down to earth school though and if you are offered a place and take it up, there is loads there for your DS to enjoy. Good luck for the 12th/13th Feb.

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