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SCAMP – big brother in the classroom?

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friendlybee Wed 21-Jan-15 21:54:53

DD (year 7) came home from school this afternoon with a letter and some glossy leaflets about a scheme called SCAMP. Apparently, it’s a survey to find out if mobile phones have an effect on cognition. Anyone come across this?

It seems to involve a test (SCAMP school assessment). But they also want access to her mobile phone, education and health records (!). What annoys me about this is that she had been opted in without our permission and opting out is fiddly (you have to email the organisers). The leaflet says it’s all kosher, but buried in the small print is stuff about them using ‘contractors’ to gather the data. They don’t say how long they will keep it for either. And it turns out Vodafone is one of the backers. Not at all happy about this. What do others think?

WineWineWine Wed 21-Jan-15 23:05:34

You actively have to give permission for them to access anything outside the school records and you can refuse participation from any part of it.
If you have concerns about it then don't take part. It's not fiddly to send an email.
Have you had a the information on the website?

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