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How do you motivate a lazy DS in Y12?

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fairywoods Wed 21-Jan-15 11:22:40

16 year old DS is so unmotivated. He just about kept his head above water last term, but his recent AS mocks were terrible. He did 'revise' most of Christmas holidays but now admits he didn't do that much. He seems to think he can turn this around in time for May, but it seems unlikely unless he starts putting in a huge amount of work. I've tried every way to motivate him but he wants no parental involvement and I realise it has to come from him. He has good GCSEs and says he doesn't want to go to Uni (which is probably the right decision, given his lack of motivation). He's now saying he would like to go into the forces and I have tried to point out that good A Levels results would give him so many more options. At the current rate, I'm not sure he'll get through AS. He has few interests other than computer games and music. He seems happy and is gregarious at school, although doesn't socialise much out of school (his main social interaction is online computer games with friends). If we try to get involved with school issues, he's rude and aggressive. Any advice please?

homebythesea Wed 21-Jan-15 11:36:00

My DS is also at this stage. As hard as it may be for us as parents I think we have to let them get on with it at this stage- if they don't realise what's at stake by now then, well.......

Having said that, Could you do some research about results required for "the forces" (very vague btw - which one, as what?) ie could he train as an officer with A levels, or would he be a grunt? Research pay grades etc. Would joining cadets at this stage be useful - might get him out of the house? What career guidance do they get at school?

Good luck!

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