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Yr 8 report - application and homework.

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Bambambini Wed 14-Jan-15 13:36:22

My daughter is in y8, mostly top sets and has always had fairly good reports. Just had their cycle report and she has a recieved grade 2 practically across the board for every subject when it comes to Application for a Learning and also for Homework which means "meets expectations". Being in top sets sounds good but I feel they are just coasting and almost doing as little as they can get away with.

Just wondering if this "meeting expectations" backs this up or if this is just a generic tick the box excerise and perhaps means little. Just curious on others views on this. I will speak to her teacher at the next review next month.

Also how much homework does your yr 8 child do? The school originally gave out homework guidlines which seemed quite full on but the reality seems to be much more sparse than the guidlines seemed to anticipate. Unless agian my child is homework dodging and doing the bare minimum.

Takver Wed 14-Jan-15 13:54:02

I guess the question that I would be asking (eg from friends with dc in the same school) is 'what is normal'?

So for example, would you expect a normally hard-working child to get all 2s, with 1s reserved for subjects where a pupil was making an exceptional, out of the ordinary level of effort.

Or alternatively (as appears to be the case at dd's school), does a regular level of hard work attract a 1 as standard? I definitely query dd if she gets a 2 for effort in any subject, and expect to see it back to a 1 by the next report. (The possible exception would be a non-core subject such as food tech if she has no intention of continuing it post-options.)

Homework - presume they have a planner? DD's is very episodic, and yr 8 seems quite light on homework, she says it is known as an easy year - they work 'em hard in yr 7 to set expectations, and from yr 9 it is into options & pre-GCSE.

TeenAndTween Wed 14-Jan-15 14:41:42

What Takver said. You need to find out what proportion gets 1s. If it is 40% you may have an issue, if only 5% then you don't.

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