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Emanuel 10+

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wandsworthma Wed 14-Jan-15 12:09:36

My DD is doing the 10+ at Emanuel tomorrow, half as a practice run for 11+s next year and half as, you never know, she might get in.

But not sure its worth it (the aggro plus the fee), as heard that last year 17 of the 20 spaces available went to siblings! Anyone else hear this, or an SW18/SW11 urban myth gone mad!

Ginandtonictime Wed 14-Jan-15 12:30:08

Hi there - my three boys are currently at Emanuel, and a big plus for the school is the almost unheard in west London sibling policy! So its quite likely that what you've heard is true, but do let your dd try out for the 10+ anyway ... if you feel she can handle the experience, then you have nothing to lose - and a bit of exam experience will stand her in good stead next year ...

just my opinion ..

Good luck to her

wandsworthma Thu 15-Jan-15 23:09:07

I reckon over 100 at Emanuel 10+ today. You knows how many siblings, but don't fancy our odds. And interestingly about 50/50 boys/girls.
DD said it went well, then said there were a few she couldn't do and wasn't sure about this or that! Described her story to me, hope the marker is on the same stuff DD is on!
Anyway good experience and life lesson.

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