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GCSE Coursework - Questioning School's approach

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HisButler Mon 12-Jan-15 12:38:24

The boy is in Year 10, and studying GCSE English which is assessed part coursework, part final exam.

I've just found out that the school has had the pupils complete ALL of the coursework in the Autumn term of Y10.

Now I'm not savvy with the normal flow of things, but to me this seems odd and concerning.
Surely this means that 40% of his English Language grade is sealed, having only the benefit of his education up to end of year 9 (and 6 weeks of Y10).
Anything he learns, any improvements in ability between now and the finals is lost.

I am really confused as to why the School has not spread the coursework over more of the year, so as to capture some of it after the pupils have matured a little.

Can anyone comment on what their school is doing, what the 'normal' approach is ?

Many Thanks

Haggisfish Mon 12-Jan-15 12:43:38

I think it is normal but phone and ask his teacher or send them an email.

GentlyBenevolent Mon 12-Jan-15 12:57:42

DS (also Y10) has already done two English Language controlled assessments. He did far better than we anticipated in both, so whereas we might have been concerned about frontloading the work (especially in view of the fact that he has dyslexia and finds writing extremely difficult as a consequence) we are now just relieved that those bits are over/in the bag. My perhaps naive assumption is that schools probably know what they are doing...perhaps greater maturity is considered more vital for the Eng Lit exam than the Eng Lang? DD1 (at a different school) also did the majority (perhaps all?) of her Eng Lang CAs in the first year of the GCSE course.

Leeds2 Mon 12-Jan-15 14:45:11

My DD did a couple of English controlled assessments before Christmas in Y10. I think the reasoning was that they could do them again if they didn't get the grade their teacher thought they were capable of, although I don't know if that option still exists.

TeenAndTween Mon 12-Jan-15 14:57:38

DD1 did all English lang coursework in y10, at least 2 pieces in Autumn term.
BUT now in y11 they are all redoing their first piece now they have better maturity. The high of the 2 marks will be used.

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