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French pupil in English state school - CNED or 11+ tutoring?

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Merriest Tue 06-Jan-15 23:18:32

Hi everyone,
I am a French mum still a bit impressed by the UK schooling system...
Our daughter is doing well in a UK state school, she's in year 3. She can read and write in English and can read in French.
We are considering to complement her education with CNED courses (it's the French system for kids who are home schooled or are in another country's system) and/or some form of tutoring in order to get her ready for 11+.
Has anyone been through that choice?
Thanks a lot! smile

castlesintheair Wed 07-Jan-15 07:47:55

If you are going to start tutoring your DD for an English secondary school then follow the UK curriculum and use a tutor appropriate for 11+ (there are plenty of them!). In my opinion year 3 is very young for an 11+ tutor, although plenty start then. There is so much difference between the UK and French curriculum that unless you are planning to return to France/French education, then I would stick with the English one.

We are in the opposite position to you: currently in France in French schools but returning to UK and until yesterday (all over now!) were preparing DD1 for the English 11+ using Bond/GL etc papers specifically aimed at UK exams.

summerends Wed 07-Jan-15 08:06:38

Merriest, the CNED is quite time consuming as children get older but very useful if you may be returning to the French education system. At her age it will reinforce her French when there is a danger of English becoming dominant. You don't have to do all subjects by CNED but could focus on French and for example maths.
Personally I would start her with some CNED and then decide at beginning of year 5 if you need to (as best suitable secondary school option) / want to change to eleven plus preparation.

Merriest Wed 07-Jan-15 21:31:13

Thank you both!
In fact I don't think we want to go back to the French system. We just want our kids to be able to read and write in French, and hope they can thrive here!
So I think I will prioritise 11+ when time comes.

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