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Follow my leader - schools' decline reversed by prominent pupils.

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mrdashwood Tue 06-Jan-15 15:10:43

Now that Cameron's daughter is rumored to be attending Grey Coat Comp, witness the stampede of parents banging on its doors.
Always popular, but recently mired in scandal (more than 20 pupils excluded for online bullying a couple of years ago. Plus, reports of appalling behaviour on public transport) the school has seen a massive upswing in popularity, featuring in Tatler's state school guide and spoken about gushingly by some
parents who once shunned it due to large ethnic minority attendance from Southwark.
Likewise, we saw surge up the league tables by St Andrew's after William went there. Any other examples of the, "Follow My Leader," effect?

Reindeerballs Tue 06-Jan-15 19:59:38

GCH has always been popular but I know of several people who preferred St Marylebone. I noticed that the primary school that Gove and Cameron's kids attended has become very over subscribed though!

I think it was a pity Gove didn't choose a CofE school a couple of minutes away - Burlington Danes Academy. It would also be Cametons closest school assuming he gets kicked out at the next election and moves back to North Kensington.

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