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Starting a School Magazine

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JandLandG Mon 05-Jan-15 17:31:04

Hello all, advice/thoughts/experience/opinions if poss pls.

Eldest is in yr 9 of good local comp and is keen to be a writer/producer/somethingorother, so I suggested he starts writing for the school magazine like you hear writers did when they were young.

Problem is, there isn't one.

I remember a termly publication when I was young on samizdat-style printouts but I suppose you could easily do an e-zone thing now via the school website.

I've chatted to him about the possibilities and he seems open to suggesting it so we're going to have a think...any thoughts?

Should be doable, right?

Ask pupils for contributions, they've mail em in, pupils selects and lays them out and e mails document back to school for approval and publication on website.

What does anyone think? Doable? Or am I missing things that will complicate it.

He could be part of an editorial group of pupils or something and it could develop over a few months into something quite good.

The only thing i can think of is if nasty older pupils e mailed in not-nice stuff anonymously and the kids were exposed to it. How to prevent that?

Anyway, I think this could potentially be a good idea and I'm sure it's already happening so any experience and knowledge of it would be great

I'll leave it with you but thanks in advance

Leeds2 Mon 05-Jan-15 19:45:49

Is there nothing at all on the school website, such as a weekly newsletter with match reports etc?

I have no experience of school magazines, but I would get him to ask an approachable English teacher if they would be prepared to help/oversee this.

JandLandG Mon 05-Jan-15 21:09:06

Hey thanks for coming back to me...much appreciated.

Yep, there's a school newsletter, but it's done by the school sec and it's boring and rubbish!

I'll get my lad to have a think and well put a proposal together for something...after he's had his post Christmas exams....seriously, teachers, is that a good idea for 13 year old kids???!!!

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