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Berkhamsted Girls waiting list

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Bella124c Fri 02-Jan-15 01:08:58

We moved to the Berkhamsted area specifically so my dd could attend Berkhamsted Girls school in Yr 7(2015 entry). We've received a letter from the school saying that although she's successfully passed the entrance exams we're on the waiting list.
I'm gutted as I really had hoped for an offer place especially as my 3yr old ds has already been offered a place at the stepping stones pre-prep next sept too so I'd love to have them at same school.
Has Anyone been in a similar situation and can offer me advice in terms of perhaps making contact with head to discuss her place/waiting list position etc...
Is this a real 'waiting list' or just a polite way of telling us 'no chance'?!!

Any advice would be hugely appreciated

MillyMollyMama Fri 02-Jan-15 17:01:31

I would ask the school. It is likely they had a high number of applicants due to the uncertainties of the Bucks 11 plus. It is now known that only 16% of Aylesbury area children passed this year, and that is very low. This also means people will be appealing and some will get a grammar school place and perhaps free up places at Berkhamsted. The school will know what reasons it has for not offering your DD a place now. Were you a late entry or maybe a lower score in the tests than the children who have been offered places? Do they favour children from their prep school above all others? Were you in the prep school?

In your situation, I would look at weekly boarding at Queenswood School near Potters Bar. It is probably not full. It is not far from Berkhamsted and results are just as good, if not better. Costs a lot more though!

Bella124c Fri 02-Jan-15 20:32:14

Thanks Milly
We moved 5 months ago to live 1.5 miles from Berko school so it's def the only indie option we want. I also couldn't cope with her boarding at 11.
Thanks for the stats on 11+ - that's very low isn't it I was under the impression c.30% usually pass. My dd didn't pass but was very close to the 121 pass rate so maybe I'll explore an appeal option.
I'll call the school and see if I can arrange a meeting with the head.
Thanks !

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