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Easter revision courses

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elfreda69 Wed 31-Dec-14 14:47:46

My dd is in his first year of a levels and not always working consistently hard. I am in the process of hiring tutors for him but am also wondering if I should also book him on an easter revision course. Judging by his "revision" over the xmas holiday he could do with getting away from the distractions at home.
However, the revision courses I have looked at (Justin Craig, mpw and excelinkeysubjects) I am looking at a wapping £900 for 2 as levels. Its a real sacrifice as I am a single parent.

Has anyone experience of easter revision courses? Would you recommend them? I am really unsure and think that I should book on fairly soon. Thanks

titchy Wed 31-Dec-14 14:59:21

To be honest it needs to come from him - bailing him out at the first hurdle by hiring tutors, looking at revision courses isn't doing him, or your bank balance any favours. What happens next year? More tutors, more revision courses? Is he hoping for university? He needs to have learnt how to motivate himself to study by then otherwise it's a hell of a lot more than£900 that he'll be wasting!

What does school/ college say about his progress? What subjects is he doing? Is he enjoying them? Is he really struggling or not that interested, or just not capable - gcse to A level is a big jump.

I'm not sure I'd be particularly concerned about a year 12 not doing much over Christmas, but perhaps there is a bigger picture?

donethis4timesover Wed 11-Feb-15 11:52:36

Easter revision courses can really help. I know they're expensive but they are very exam focused; the tutors explain how to get maximum marks, you do lots of practice papers and you get great notes to take away that are so useful in the lead up to the real thing.
There's also a very good website; that contains lots of tips and hints on how to revise effectively. Exams are horrible and kids need all the support we can give them!

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